How to control a society

1. Take away people’s time

When people have a lot of time on their hands they’ll do either one of two things.

They’ll become bored and will resort to criminal activities or other forms of degeneracy like serious drug, gambling and pornography addictions.

Or they’ll become super motivated and start spending their excess time on something productive like building a business, community service, traveling, philosophy, creating art or physical exercise.

Whatever they resort to, both paths will form a problem for you if you are trying to control a society.

You can’t have too many criminals and degenerates walking around because that will turn your country into a violent wasteland.

You also can’t have too many super productive/creative people walking around because that would mean that nobody would perform menial jobs.

This means that a society can’t function if the people aren’t properly occupied throughout the day.

So if you want to control a society then take the people’s time away.

Let them work for 8-16 hours a day, 5 days a week.

That will definitely tire them out.

Also make sure that they’ll remain stuck in their menial jobs and make sure that they’ll never really develop into a better position or career.

Which brings us to our next method of control.

2. Take away their money

In order to make sure that the people don’t grow out of their jobs, you gotta make sure that their jobs are mandatory for their lifestyle.

Let them believe that they’ll absolutely NEED their jobs in order to survive.

So let’s take away a big chunk of their income each month so that they’ll have a 40-50% monthly setback.

Let them work for 40 hours but lets only reward them for 25.

We will call it taxes and make them believe in its value.

If somebody attacks the tax system then those who pay taxes must feel obligated to defend it.

After all they pay taxes each month surely they must see some value in it?

Let them believe in it wholeheartedly so they’ll pay their taxes with pride.

Make sure that they’ll worship the tax system so that anyone who refuses to pay taxes will be demonized by his own neighbors, friends and family.

Make sure that they’ll keep themselves in line and you can cash out their hard-earned money for the rest of your life.

Also make them believe in the power of consumerism which makes sure that they don’t save their monthly income (post-taxes).

Make sure that their monthly income has been spent or wasted away on consumerism before the next salary arrives.

Which brings us to our next method of control.

3. Use mass media entertainment to indoctrinate them towards consumerism

Bombard their brains with consumerism 24/7.

Don’t let them ever spent the day without being told to buy something they don’t really need.

When they put on their TV, you’ll have to show them 500 things to buy within a span of 5 minutes.

When they leave their houses make sure that you’ll show them a 1000 billboards with suggestions to buy something before they reach their menial jobs.

Spark their desires for consumerism wherever they walk and talk.

Even in the solitary confinement of their car, let them hear all the opportunities on the radio to buy something.

Do not whatsoever let them spent the day, without spending anything.

The day that they refuse to spent their money is a day where you don’t make any.


4. Take away their health

You can’t successfully control a healthy population.

A healthy population will always revolt against you.

A healthy population can’t be ruled successfully.

They need to believe that you’re the source of their health.

Don’t led them believe that they can be healthy without your help.

Turn the most natural diet upside down and feed them unnatural foods.

Tell them these foods are the most healthiest things they can eat.

Tell them to eat plants and grains like grazing animals, while you eat the grazing animals.

In that way you can enjoy a life of health and strength, while they are chronically malnourished.

Just give them some bread, cereals, skim milk,lots of sugar and some genetically modified vegetables.

Tell them to eat low fat diets, but don’t ever let them cut out their breads and vegetables.

They need it for optimal health!

They’ll be happy.

They will praise you for it.

Even though they are sicker, fatter and weaker than ever.

They will be thankful because they’ll believe that you’ve provided them with healthy food.

And if they get sick then its nature’s fault, they’ll believe they’ve been punished for their own transgressions.

Or they’ll curse fate for giving them cancer.

But they will never curse you, because you provided them with all the right foods.

Your doctors gave them all the right medicine.

Your health experts gave them the best health advice possible.

Yet they all become chronically sicker, weaker and fatter. They all have diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

But it can’t be your fault.

There is nothing wrong with your advice…

You control the advice so it must be legit right?

5. Strike fear into their hearts

Make them believe that everyone is out there to get them.

This one is key to really controlling the minds of the masses.

Turn them all into scared little puppies, so they can’t look each other into the eyes.

Make them avoid each other on the streets and hate each other on the internet.

Never let them rest mentally.

Let all news outlets project fear into their homes.

Even though their daily lives are boring as shit, let them believe that they live in a constant state of war.

Let them believe that immigrant raiders are lurking on every street corner to rob them of their money or lives.

Make it look as if at any moment a terrorist can take their lives away in an instant.

They should never feel safe.

In this way you can do whatever you want to them because they’ll crave your protection.

They will always defend you out of fear for the outside world, even though it is you that is actually the enemy.

Do you want to tap their phones? Go ahead.

“It is for our own safety” they’ll say…

Do you want to take more tax money from them? Go ahead.

“The government needs more finance to invest in our national defense” they’ll say…

Do you want to sent their sons out to die as soldiers in foreign lands? Go ahead.

“It is for democracy and our own freedom” they’ll say…

Fear is your best weapon, so use it all times.

6. Make everyone equal

Nobody will revolt when everyone is the same.

If everyone is the same then nobody can become great.

You’ll have an entire population of loyal ants collecting bread crumbs while you get to play the queen anyway.

When a population is completely equal then the government becomes LORD.

This is what happened in the Soviet Union, this is what happened in Maoist China, this is what happened in Castro’s Cuba and this is still going on in Kim’s North Korea.

Don’t think that these communist countries are extreme examples.

They aren’t extreme, they are the norm.

Equality causes tyranny of the highest order.

If everyone is equal then the rulers are the only ones that aren’t and there power becomes absolute.

And a people can never govern themselves, there always has to be leadership even in a state with complete equality.

This is where the West is headed, to become an Utopia for equality where everyone is pretty much the same.

The same pile of shit.

This is how you rule effectively.

Equalize the sheep and become the lording shepherd.

7. Let the weak control the strong

In nature there is only one law.

The law of the jungle.

The strongest rules in nature.

If you want to rule then this natural law must be collectively destroyed in the minds of people.

Make the population forget that they’re parts of the whole of nature.

Make them forget that other people actually have the capacity to kill or hurt them.

Build a society based on paper work where those that are natural followers become rulers.

In the past the people that hunted our food for us were always physically the strongest men.

In the past the people that protected the tribe against other tribes and wild animals were always physically the strongest men.

In the past the leader of the tribe was always physically the strongest or the most dangerous man.

Now what shall we do with all these physically strong men in our society today?

Lets demoralize them so they won’t revolt against our physically weak rulers.

Lets make them believe that they are lowly educated, dumb, sexist, racist, brutes and that they are only fit for jobs like construction and security.

And if they refuse to do these jobs then make sure that they’ll become criminals instead so we can just lock them up.

Even though in nature they would be the providers of our food, leaders of our tribes and heroic warriors.

In a modern society they should only resonate with the lower scales of the pyramid, they have NO place on top!

On top you want to have the weakest people nowadays.

The weak, fat and effeminate men.

You want men with feminist tendencies to rule.

After these men you want the women to be next in line.

This is how you keep the hierarchy in place.

Nobody will question your authority anymore because all authority is effeminate or either feminine.

All the strong manly men are far from the top of the pyramid.

Nobody is going to listen to them anymore.

So nobody is going to revolt.

Women will never revolt because women OBEY.

Effeminate men will never revolt because effeminate men OBEY.

This is how you effectively control a modern society.

Let the weak rule the strong while you rule the entire pyramid.


8. Good is bad and the bad is good

This is the final element to controlling your society.

All things that are of value should be devalued.

The elements of noble culture should be destroyed and society should consider degeneracy as the normal way of things.

Let the people hate morals, ethics, philosophy, religion, knowledge, physical exercise, natural food, spirituality, art, poetry, literature and traditional family values.

Make the people ridicule all values of our ancient past.

And in exchange turn them into perverts, degenerates, slobs, retards and homosexuals.

Make them love degeneracy.

Feed their minds with pornography and make sex a regular thing by displaying nakedness, lust and sex everywhere they go.

Tell them all bad foods are good for them and all good foods are bad for them.

In this way they will all become fat, weak and chronically sick.

And if they’re all like that, then they’ll start believing that it is a normal way to be.

Tell them it is alright to be sexual deviants even though we all know that nature made men for women and women for men.

Let them belief in it wholeheartedly.

They can’t reproduce but please give them the chance to adopt children.

In this way they will spread the idea to further generations until more and more people become homosexuals.

The world population is growing too fast, if a lot of people become homosexuals then we can surely survive a little bit longer on this planet…

So make sure to sexually confuse and deviate the population.

Open the floodgates of pornography and let homosexuality seem like a very normal thing on all mass media channels.


Controlling a society is not hard.

All it basically comes to, is mind control over the people.

Make them believe that they’ll need you and they will feed you.

So if you want to control a society then implement all 8 steps and see it through.

When all 8 steps have been applied then such a society will be true.

Oh, wait…

It’s already true?

You’re the one being controlled, are you?

Then subscribe and discover what YOU gotta do…

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