Homoism: The Rise of the Sodomites

The look on their faces testifies against them;
    they parade their sin like Sodom;
    they do not hide it.
Woe to them!
    They have brought disaster upon themselves.

– Isaia 3:9

They’re everywhere nowadays.

In the streets, on our TV screens, billboards, movies, music or whatever…

Every single direction I turn my gaze towards I’ll see them spreading their propagandic filth.

These Sodomites are literally everywhere and how could they not be when Sodom has been resurrected in the form of a globalist American-led empire.

Wherever Sodom spreads, Sodomy spreads as well and Sodom has covered every corner of this Earth as we speak.

The Internet is saturated with pornography and not just normal pornography (there is no such thing…) but especially homosexual pornography.

And all pornography is designed to turn you into a butt-fucking Sodomite.

Don’t believe me?

Then what’s up with all the anal, transgender and gay porn?

They’re trying to desensitize you into thinking that these things are normal but they’re totally unnatural.

If you can’t procreate then it is unnatural, sex is purely designed for the procreation of your race and species.

You can’t procreate anally and neither can two men create a baby.

It is pure Sodomy and only a degenerate human being will result to such a lowly existence.

And that is all that the globalist elites want, to have a degenerate infertile population of ideologically subverted miserable butt-fuckers.

But such a self-destructive culture does not appear out of the blue.

It takes decades of mass-indoctrination and degradation in order to turn a population into homosexuals at mass.

Remember our biological systems care about only two things: survival and procreation.

Everything in our bodies is designed so specifically in order to survive and multiply.

That is all there is to it…

Do you really think that such an intelligent naturally evolved survival system will sabotage its own survival?

Does anything at all in nature sabotage its own survival besides us humans?

You can’t name a single organism that sabotages its own procreation, except degenerate human beings that have given in to unnatural diabolical desires and pleasures.

This homo epidemic among the human race is not a natural occurrence.

It took a few generations and a couple of decades based on serious indoctrination, intoxication, dietary propaganda and mental pollution of our collective consciousness as a species.

The “Gay” Agenda

This is what we call them all the time nowadays.


Gay pride and gay marriage.

Do you know why we call them gay?

It is because we’ve been brainwashed and mentally tricked into believing that the matter is not that serious.

In this way they can push their agenda unto us day and night without us moving an eyebrow.

People will only realize what is happening in our society when it is too late and it is all due to this word… “gay”.

The word Gay actually has a totally opposite meaning in the traditional English language than the word homosexual.

It has nothing to do with being a homosexual whatsoever.

But they changed the word homosexual into gay overnight because the word gay actually means “happy, joyful or lighthearted”.

They changed the word in order to subconsciously change our perceptions of the whole matter.

The word Gay makes you take it all way less seriously then it actually is.

It softens our perceptions and makes us docile towards degenerate behavior.

Throughout all previous centuries homosexuals were called Sodomites.

The New Sodom

In the Biblical and Quranic narratives Sodom and Gomorrah were two cesspools of homosexuality in ancient times.

These two cities in both Judaic and Islamic narratives where completely wiped out from existence by the Angels of the Lord due to their unnatural sexual transgressions.

The word Sodomy thus is derived from the ancient city of Sodom where everyone was just butt-fucking each other until fire and fury descended upon their cities.

This story of utter destruction is often taken literally by Jews, Christians and especially Muslims.

But my personal belief is that these stories of destruction are metaphors for what the people did to themselves.

Their civilizations thrived and where at the height of economic zenith which resulted in the population having too much leisure on their hands.

And what happens when a people have too much leisure, entertainment and abundant economic resources on their hands?

They become a degenerate culture with low moral standards.

Let’s just look at the United States of America today which is the Sodom of the modern age.

The rest of the world is Gomorrah which eventually follows the degenerate example of the Sodomite American nation.

We watch their movies, listen to their music, wear their fashion, consume their fast foods and completely imitate their entire culture.

The culture of the 21st Century world is a global American Western capitalist culture.

Whatever America promotes the world follows, whether good or bad.

And America promotes Sodomy from the top of its lungs.

Look at all the movies nowadays that promote gay feminine men and strong masculine “independent” women.

Look at all these American celebrities that promote gayism everywhere they set foot inside of a building.

You have gangster rappers nowadays wearing dresses and colorful hair. We have “masculine” movie actors that openly talk about how much they respect other “men” for doing the gay thing.

They’re promoting a culture wherein it is frowned upon to have a traditional household of a strong masculine husband, a caring feminine mother and children that are raised at home instead of at daycare.

They want women to become independent masculine tax paying consumers with many different and random sexual partners but without any commitment.

They want men to become lowly sensitive beings that only care about butt-fucking other man or changing themselves into women.

And if these men refuse to become women-like they’ll throw them in jail for “toxic masculine behavior” so that they can eventually get butt-fucked by other men anyway…

Which is a purely American phenomenon all this Sodomy within the prisons.

Nowhere else in the world are men becoming lustful towards other men in prison except in the United States of America.

It is truly the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

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