Hinduism: From Warrior Culture to Soy Boy Heritage

Indo-Aryan Kings used to sacrifice and eat ceremonial horses in an Imperial ritual called the “Ashvamedha”.

In Ancient India during the Vedic Age, almost everyone ate cows.

Cattle was considered as the main source of wealth in all ancient Indo-European cultures.

And in Vedic culture sacrificing animals especially cows, were one of the main practices if not THE mainstream religious practice of the time.

Vegetarianism even by Indian standards is a very recent phenomena and meat-eating is a staple human habit cross-culturally around the world.

India therefore was not different.

However most Indians are illiterate when it comes to their own history and religious traditions.

The caste system has made sure that all religious knowledge has remained in the hands of a few Brahmins (priest-caste) even till today.

The common Hindu nowadays even with widespread digital information is still ignorant of his own religious backround.

The Hindu Pandits kept the populace illiterate by denying them righteous knowledge of the scriptures throughout history.

However this is not the 5th Century anymore, there is no rigid caste system (officially) any longer and any religious scripture can be found on the Internet in full perfect translation with scholarly commentary.

Blaming Brahmins and Pandits for your own ignorance is no longer courageous but a sign of your own weakness and reluctance to learn.

And once you start learning you’ll realize one thing… at least.

That you’ve been lied to by your own religious leaders since time immemorial.

They told you that Hindus believe in gods by the thousands but the Vedas proclaim the Oneness of all Demigods, Earthly and Celestial beings.

They told you that Hindus believe in Idol worship but the scriptures call this the worship of children and should be discarded eventually if one wants to grow towards the Divine.

अनन्याश्चिन्तयन्तो मां ये जना: पर्युपासते | तेषां नित्याभियुक्तानां योगक्षेमं वहाम्यहम् ॥22॥

“Those persons who worship Me exclusively, wherever they are, for them, who are ever attached to Me, I arrange for what they lack and I will preserve what they have.”

येऽप्यन्यदेवता भक्ता यजन्ते श्रद्धयान्विता: | तेऽपि मामेव कौन्तेय यजन्त्यविधिपूर्वकम् ॥23॥

Even those who, being devoted to other deities and endowed with faith, they also, worship Me alone (though) following the wrong method.”

– Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 9 , Verse 22-23

Idol worship keeps one in darkness and still you see 95% of Hindus clinging to stone statues like a bunch of restless apes.

This is what Krishna called the mode of ignorance.

What is also part of the mode of ignorance, is the Hindu fanaticism for Gau Raksha or Cow Protection.

The Ancient Vedic Aryan Kings ate cows by the thousands, and they worshipped meat-eating deities.

The King of the Demigods for example called “Indra” has a huge appetite for bulls and an intoxicating drink called “Soma”.

What we must understand and what most people do NOT understand is that religions are mirrors of the society from which they emanate.

If a religion professes that sacrificing animals is a great deed, you can bet that the society is eating those animals by the ton.

And cows where an outstanding high caste delicacy, one could say that you weren’t really a Brahmin if you didn’t sacrifice animals to the Devatas (Demigods/Natural Phenomena).

उक्ष्णो हि मे पञ्चदश साकं पचन्ति विंशतिम |
उताहमद्मि पीव इदुभा कुक्षी पर्णन्ति मे विश्वस्मादिन्द्रौत्तरः ||

“They are preparing bulls for me, fifteen in number. I eat their fat and they fill my belly with food. For I, Indra, am Supreme over All.”

– Rig Veda: Mandala 10, Hymn 86, Mantra 14

When Vedic Kings were initiated they performed the famous Vedic Ashvamedha Yajna in which they sacrificed a horse (Ashva) in order to prove their Imperial sovereignty.

Which they ofcourse ate afterwards.

In the same way the Holy Cow is just a later invention most likely from post-Vedic times when the extreme teachings of the pacifist Jain sect where already established in huge parts of Ancient India.

The Jains started off as a rebellious movement against Vedic injunctions and what they referred to as “Vain wasteful rituals”, for the Jains believe in Ahimsa (non-violence) being the Ultimate Principle of Human Reality.

Therefore the Ancient Vedic sacrifices where started to be seen as unnecessarily cruel and as with all religious extremists and fanatics, the Jains gained popularity real fast over Vedic orthodoxy.

The Buddha’s addition to a less ritualized Vedic philosophy also played a huge part for the eventual “vegetarization” that took place all across India.

*Note: The Buddha ate meat in general and according to Buddhist sources his last meal was actually a piece of pork.

The Hindu Brahmins had only one choice, be forgotten in the dark chapters of history, or adapt to the new trend in order to survive.

So, instead of meat-eating it was vegetarianism that became the new religious trend of India and the process became irreversible.

Ahimsa or Non-Violence became the “Paramdharma” or the Highest Virtue.

And thus eventually Indian society was moved from the notion of Precious Valuable Sacrificial Cow towards Holy Useless Untouchable Cow.

Not much changed only the subcontinent’s consumer behavior from “Yes, please!” to “Please, don’t!”.

The Vedic religion brought by Aryan Warriors and Kings to India was hijacked by self-torturing and wandering disillusioned ascetics.

Devoid of all reality because of extreme religious fervor.

Maryada Purushottam

Lord Rama is the epitome of manhood in the sacred scriptures of Hindu traditions.

He lived during Vedic times according to the scriptures “more than a million years ago” during the Treta Yuga.

Which is an absurd time frame considering Human Prehistory but for the sake of argument let’s say that it is true.

Lord Rama lived a million years ago and is considered the “Perfect Man” which is a translation of the Sanskrit title Maryada Purushottam.

All Hindus believe in Rama with fervent devotion, so much even that large groups of Hindus greet eachother daily with the injunction “Rama Rama” instead of saying “Namaste” which is a true Vedic greeting, but never mind that..

They believe Rama to be the Ultimate example for fathers, brothers, sons and husbands. He is the number one exemplar of true kingly, saintly and righteous behavior.

Then surely He was a vegetarian like most Hindus believe is the right way to be… right?

Erhh, wrong!!!

Rama devoured meat by the pounds and He loved it.

And how could He not love meat? Dude, look at him… He is jacked!!!

He is even depicted with bow and arrow without ceasing on literally every iconography made in His name.

Bow and arrows are predominantly hunting tools and only used as weapons in threatening situations.

The reason his wife Sita was kidnapped was because Rama was distracted while chasing a Golden Deer to shoot with his arrow…

Hindus will hear, watch and even sing this story for a thousand times in their lives; and still the common Hindu will never register the fact that Rama and his brother Lakshman continuously HUNT animals.

For what? To let the animals die in vain cruelty…?

No, to nourish the human body with it’s most preferred natural food source: Animal fat and protein.

Rama knew this, Lakshman knew this and Sita knew this…

Do you know who doesn’t know, that the human body actually prefers eating animals above plants…?

The common vegetarian Hindu with his big fat stomach, low testosterone, lack of vigor and absence of muscular strength.

The reason Rama looks aesthetically like a super model on all Iconography is because He was a warrior and ate food that makes men strong i.e. meat.

When we He was sent to the Forest for fourteen years in exile, He wanted to change his eating habits from those of a Warrior-King into those of a world renouncing hermit:

चतुर्दश हि वर्षाणि वत्स्यामि विजने वने |
मधु मूल फलैः जीवन् हित्वा मुनिवद् आमिषम् ||

“I shall live in a solitary forest like a sage for fourteen years, leaving off meat and living with roots, fruits and honey”

– Valmiki Ramayan 2:20:29

Why mention to leave off meat if you didn’t consume it in the first place?

तौ तत्र हत्वा चतुरः महा मृगान् |
वराहम् ऋश्यम् पृषतम् महा रुरुम् |
आदाय मेध्यम् त्वरितम् बुभुक्षितौ|
वासाय काले ययतुर् वनः पतिम् || २-५२-१०२

“Famished, they (Rama and Lakshmana) killed a boar, a rishya (whitefooted male antelope), a spotted deer and a great deer with black stripes. They partook the meat and reached a tree by evening where they rested for the night.”

– Valmiki Ramayan 2-52-102

There you have it, lord Rama ate tons of meat unlike his malnourished worshipers of today.

Rama Rama they say…. on the way to their Indian soy boy buffet.

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