God’s Children

For this article we’re going to do something different.

Most article’s I write, start off with me saying something shocking, the reader being repulsed by it and me for the rest of the article trying to convince the reader that it is not as repulsive as it seems.

Today’s article will be written with an agreement.

Lets agree on ONE thing before we start reading.


If you’re a militant atheist, then this article is not for you.

Go read some scientific papers.

The rest of you, follow me into the depths of true wisdom.

The Source of ALL things

God is the creator of ALL things.

This is the most common conception of God that human beings have had throughout all ages.

It still is the most common conception of God in the world today.

God is the ultimate source of all that exists.

All religions agree upon this and therefore this essential teaching must be true by default.

Even religions that recognize the multiplicity of the Divine have the belief that there can only be ONE true creator deity.

The most common religion in today’s world that is associated with multiple gods and deities, is Hinduism.

But even Hinduism only recognizes One true God, something which non-Hindus never seem to understand.

Probably because a majority of Hindus fail to understand Hinduism themselves.

Hinduism is actually one of the first true monotheistic faiths.

The belief in One Divine Creator Deity is very native to Ancient India.

“The TRUTH is One, but the Sages call it by many names.”

– Rig Veda

All deities and divine beings in Hinduism form part of the One Transcendent Divine Reality which is called Brahman.

Even in Ancient times most pagan religions actually believed in One Divine Being from which all other gods have emanated.

Sure the ancient Greeks believed in gods like Zeus, Poseidon and Hades but they also believed that these gods were all part of One Divine Reality.

They called this FATE and all gods were subordinate to it.

The exact same concept can be found in the pantheon of the Nordic and Germanic peoples from Scandinavia.

The Hollywood Movie Industry and TV Shows about Vikings have greatly popularized pagan beliefs in multiple gods like Odin and Thor.

However even these were subordinate in ancient times to a Divine Reality called FATE which would eventually wipe all the gods away in the inevitable end of the world, called Ragnarök.

It doesn’t matter what culture we’re talking about.

In today’s day and age we’d like to believe that people of the past were just dumb idol worshipers.

But they were smarter than us, much smarter and much wiser.

We love the idea that they were blindly worshiping stone idols and sacrificing animals, but they were very well aware of the Divine Truth.

There is only One.


One God.

One Truth.

One Reality.

It doesn’t matter what you call it.

There is only One.

From this One eternal source has emanated all things.

In this One eternal source do all things have their being.

And back into this One eternal source will everything eventually return.

What did the Bible say again?

“All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return.” 

– Ecclesiastes 3:20

What did the Qur’an say again?

“We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.” 

– 2:156

It is so simple man.

The TRUTH is so obvious and yet we who believe in the truth are fighting against each other.

All religions, all philosophies and all occult teachings refer to the exact same thing.

The One from whom ALL has come.

God can’t be claimed

Every religious group is trying to monopolize God.

We’re all trying to claim God as if he is a dog.

We reversed the entire word, instead of God we treat him like a Dog.

Most religious people treat God as their pet slave.

We ask God for silly things like a job, money and material objects.

When our lives are going into the wrong direction we start visiting the mosques, churches and temples in order to compel God to help us.

When prosperity reaches our homes then all of a sudden we forget about God again.

This is how most religious people treat God and yet they all act as if they love Him.

But they don’t and I’ll prove it to you.

If there is only One Creator God, then that means that the entire universe and ALL that exists comes from the Creator.

That means that He created ALL people.

All human beings are His children.

We are all sons and daughters of God.

Therefore God created all human beings and even those who do not share your religion, philosophy or creed.

They are His children as well.

Even atheists are God’s children.

It doesn’t matter what you call yourself, the fact is that we all have the capacity for communion with the Divine.

Your religion, your prophets, your priests, your prayers or your holy books do NOT contain the exclusive truth but only a partial one.

In essence God is unknowable and no single religion or teaching on the face of this Earth can truly understand Him.

God can only be understood on an individual level and not collectively.

He must be experienced through gnosis (Inner Knowledge).

God doesn’t care about the world, but religion does.

God cares about the individual, and religion doesn’t.

Religion is about power while God is about knowledge.

God wants to be whole again and therefore he calls out to the entire universe to return back to him.

This is God’s love, He wants to absorb us back into his Being.

He wants us to return home.

But religion doesn’t want to return home to God.

Religion wants power and it wants to attain the fruits of desire.

That is why religion promises us Heaven where rivers of milk and honey flow.

It promises us everlasting happiness in physical places.

However these are childhood fantasies and only meant for those who are spiritual infants.

They’re still in kindergarten with their religious conceptions.

God is far above this childish mentality of man.

God is beyond good and evil

Good and evil are human concepts.

The animals don’t know it.

Plants don’t know it.

They are projections of human judgement upon the physical world.

To all other beings, the world just is.

God doesn’t care about good and evil.

He is far beyond that.

That is why his creation consists of both.

Chaos and Order, Good and Evil or Darkness and Light.

God doesn’t care about human beings suffering, in the same way that he doesn’t care about animals and plants suffering from each other’s appetite.

This is nature and it is meant to be suffering.

“Life is suffering” 

– The Buddha

That is the beauty of life, without suffering nothing would be worth anything.

Why do anything when ALL is good?

That is what Heaven is, a state of “All is good”.

You will never find Heaven as long as you’re clinging or holding on to material life.

God knows this, that is why He is testing us.

That is what the Universe is.

A testing playground for all lost beings to return to their source.

Whether God realizes this Himself, that we shall never know.

God is such a Transcendent Mystery that we’ll never truly know why God does anything at all.

We just know that He does what He does and that He has no favorites.

There is no chosen religion because there is no good and evil in His Mind.

God is free from all conceptions and especially from human emotions like jealousy, greed, desire and anger.

Why would God desire all people to follow a specific religion?

What does he get out of it that he does not already have?

Since he created ALL things, why would he desire the faith of His creation to do anything?

Christians and Muslims are the two groups that are staunch believers in their religion being the only truth for all people.

This is very childish to believe.

Here is a God that created the vastness of infinite space and all galaxies in the Universe.

Here is a God that created all dimensions of existence out of what seems to be nothing.

And yet this God cares about one little microscopic blue planet in the middle of nowhere, to be completely faithful in a man called Jesus Christ or the religion of Muhammad.

And on this small little planet God the creator of the entire universe, has revealed the ultimate truth for all existence.

The truth for all worlds, stars, planets, solar systems and galaxies.

There are without a doubt billions upon billions of other inhabited planets and civilizations out there in the infinite vastness of space.

This is not a matter of debate only if you are stupid.

Debating whether there is life outside of Earth is for animals.

For a normal intellectual human being with the capacity for common sense, this can not be a matter of debate anymore.

So to believe that desert religions like Christianity or Islam which have originated on this tiny spec of a planet, are the ultimate truths of the universe, is just sheer stupidity and kind of silly.

As a grown human being you should outgrow such beliefs, they are not even worthy of children.

The Human Brotherhood

All humans come from the same source and origins.

All thought processes, philosophies, religions and sciences that have originated in the collective consciousness of humanity are the same.

They are small little puzzle pieces of a much bigger picture.

We humans can never conceive the ultimate truth within a material frame.

There is not one way of thinking in this world that can be 100% correct.

There is no such thing as objective truth in the subjective realm of physical matter.

Everything is constantly changing in the physical universe, and nothing ever remains truly the same.

All religions, theologies, philosophies and scientific theories are just keys to different doors that all eventually lead into the same building.

They are all just different rivers that eventually flow into the same ocean but through different directions and landscapes.

To say that there is only one key that can open all doors is retarded and it shows low-level consciousness in an individual.

All humans are the same in essence.

We come from the same source.

Only our outer ways of expression towards this source are different.

And they should be.

When everything is the same on the outer level then there can never be growth on the inner level.

The full truth can never be perceived when our actions remain the same throughout the ages.

History repeats itself once again because people do the same things once again.

Change your ways of habitual thinking and make your FATHER proud!

We are ALL Gods children.

And He will listen to us ALONE, while ignoring the crowd.

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Ashwin Orie

Student of the Ancient Mysteries.

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