God is the Embodiment of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss

God is a matter of endless debate because the word itself carries all sorts of heavy and confusing thought patterns with it.

Often men are unable to truly differentiate between the word God in general and all the ignorant barbarism that is included within the fold of Semite religions.

God automatically for most people means: “The God of the Bible, the God of the Jews and the Christians.”

The God of religious bigotry and backwards people.

However there is a much higher conception of God that existed in the Eastern and Far Eastern Lands of Asia, long before Abraham decided that perhaps, it wasn’t a good thing to kill his OWN son, because of the voices in his head.

In Ancient India the seers of the Vedas (oldest religious literature in the world) came with a very high conception of what God really is.

And that is, that there is no God.

Atheists hold your applause for a minute and bear with me.

There is no God in the Hebrew sense; there is no angry sky-being that delights over the rape, killing and looting of “disbelievers”.

However there is a Divine Being which truly penetrates all of existence.

This is the what the Ancient Seers beyond the Indus Valley discovered through intense penance, meditation and asceticism.

What they found hidden deep in the higher intellectual treasure coves of their own consciousness, they described as three words in the powerful Sanskrit language of Ancient India:


Literally translated as “Truth, Consciousness and Bliss”.

This is the essence of everything which human beings consider divine.

There was according to the Ancient Seers no other conceptual way of translating the eternal spirit of God into this finite realm of matter.

And they didn’t care for anything more than this, this was all the theology that the real sages needed.

1. SAT – Truth

Lets break it down logically from a lowly human standpoint.

If there is an all-powerful creative force in this universe from which everything emanates, then this force we tend to call “God” must be the One and Only Truth, behind all outer appearances and material phenomena that take place in our world.

Basically nothing is true in reality, because everything is constantly changing, being born, dying, growing, shrinking, expanding and contracting.

Everything material is bound by these natural laws of constant change, evolution and adaptation to its surroundings.

However behind all these outer phenomena, there must be something which is always and constantly the same, because nothing would be changing if this wasn’t the case in the first place.

Behind all changes there must be a fundamental truth upon which the change takes place.

You can re-paint the wall in your living room, each and every single year, but the wall remains the same.

It has to remain the same otherwise you’ll have nothing to paint.

The wall is the truth, the foundation of your house, however the paint creates an illusion which makes it seem as if the outer appearance is the truth.

Your wall can be painted red this year, and blue the next year.

Does that mean you’ve had two different walls in your living room?

No, it simply means that the illusion which hides the true color of the wall has been changed.

The wall still exists, the wall is still true.

Our entire universe is the color of the wall in your living room, while God who is the Constant Unchanging Truth, is the wall and foundation itself.

Therefore the Ancient Seers of India concluded, that God is SAT or simply stated “Truth”, and everything else is Maya or “Illusion”.

And how can it be anything else but this?

If God created the entire universe, than what did he create it out of?

Where did he get the raw materials from?

Out of his own Being, meaning that there is in actuality only 1 thing that really exists.

SAT or Truth, which is “God” in layman’s terms.

2. Chit – Consciousness

The second major attribute of the Divine which the Seers of Ancient India discovered, is Chit or simply put “Consciousness”.

Chit literally describes all forms of Consciousness in this universe and outside of this universe.

Everything is consciousness, without consciousness nothing would be in the first place.

It is often said in spiritual circles that human beings are the universe looking back at itself.

And it is true.

As far as we know we are the only physical creatures that are truly conscious of being conscious.

This is the beginning of our journey towards God-consciousness and all other life forms, as far as we know, lack this self-conscious Nature that humans have been blessed with.

Chit in God’s case means Pure Consciousness, this is an eternal Divine quality, meaning that God is always Aware of All things at the same time.

He sees through all conscious entities because He is consciousness itself.

In the same way that He is the Truth, He is Consciousness as well, with capital letters.

Meaning without Him, there would be nothing, no truth and nobody to even comprehend it in the first place.

3. Ananda – Bliss

Ananda is literally the goal of all religious principles across all spectrums.

It signifies the eternal bliss one may experience once a person taps into God-consciousness.

It is bliss based in true faith, and it can only be experienced once all fears, doubts and ignorant beliefs in life have subsided, priming one to become capable of receiving pure bliss.

Ananda is the result of truly realizing the Sat-Chit or the Truth-Consciousness of God as I’ve explained above.

Once a person discovers this, all that remains in his being is pure blissful Ananda.

Ananda is exactly the same as when Christians mindlessly utter: “God is Love” without conceptualizing truly what it actually means.

It is something which MUST be experienced before one can realize what it actually means.

Mindlessly uttering God is Love all the time, while living your life in doubts, insecurity, fear and anxiety shows incomprehension of God’s Love.

Once God’s Love is experienced, nothing can stand in your way anymore, because pure Love is the most powerful force in this universe.

It is the natural state of being behind the source of all consciousness and truth.

This constitutes Sat-Chit-Ananda.

The embodiment of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

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