God is Omnipresent (Present Everywhere)

The Omnipresence of God is one of the most fundamental characteristics of Divinity.

This seems like the one single divine attribute that people from all religions could share, right?

The philosophical thought that if there is anything which even resembles a “Divine Universal Creator”, then doesn’t it seem logical that this Being is present throughout His entire creation?

I personally think so, and I think that any viewpoint in another direction shows that said-person is not philosophically capable enough, to think beyond a certain level of common intelligence.

To assume that God is in one place only, is ridiculous.

For example the Children of Abraham (Jews, Christians and Muslims) all believe, that God’s power extends throughout the Earth, however God himself sits on His throne in some remote Heavenly realm.

Which is obviously desert camel-herder philosophy, it shows a lack of understanding of metaphysics.

God can never be in ONE place only. He has to be in all places at the same time, or He ceases to be God.

God is not bound by any form of time nor space. He is not a trapped mortal being suffering from the endless cyclical wheel of death and rebirth, like us.

God is completely free, unbound and self-illuminated from all forms of illusion.

He does not lack anything neither does He need anything.

What could He possibly need? What could He like? What could He dislike? What could He want?

All of these questions are for the deaf, dumb and blind to answer.

The wise ones know better than to humanize God in such a way.

God can’t be anywhere, He must be everywhere.

At the same time, at once!

If there is one place where God ceases to be, then the entire house of universal cards will collapse.

The universe will cease to be.

Just like one brick, one nail, one pin, one piece of foundation can keep your entire house from collapsing; in the same way God’s consciousness produces forth this entire universe from micro-organisms and ants to stars, planets, nebula’s, galaxies and demigods.

It is all supported, sustained and maintained by the Spirit of the Lord.

“But God has to be in some place right? Just like a King rules from his palace, God rules us, from His Throne in Heaven”

– Jews, Christians and Muslims

God was there before there was such a thing as a “place”…

God created all places, therefore all places are within His own consciousness and Spirit.

He created them from His own Divine Blueprint and therefore everything we see is in God.

God is within us because All is in God and therefore He pervades everything.

To think He is some wise bearded wizard-like figure sitting on a golden Throne surrounded by Lion-headed angels is ridiculous.

That is paganism, that is heathenism, that is anything and everything Jews, Christians and Muslims have been persecuting for centuries.

Yet, they do it themselves.

What they’re basically are saying is that idolatry, paganism and superstition is evil for everyone else, except when they do it themselves.

Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe that God is a physical being, almost man-like with human emotions like anger, jealousy and disappointment.

Basically what they’re saying is:

“Idolatry is bad, except for our own idolatry.”

And to believe that God is not literally everywhere, is idolatry; because to localize Him into one place only means to reduce Him into the body of a finite Being.

It means the Spirit of God has been trapped by matter and imprisoned into the cyclical wheel of death and rebirth.

Do you know what we call God, when He is trapped and localized into one place only…

That is what we call…. MAN!

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