Feminism: Imminent Destruction of the Nuclear Family

Feminism hasn’t always been the Satanic movement that it is today.

In fact Feminism started off as a great movement.

The oppression of women was a real thing in many parts of the world.

However Feminism has never been just one monolithic movement, but it has presented itself to society in different waves.

It came in waves of different theories, targets and focal points.

And some waves were and are obviously better than others.

First-wave Feminism

The first Feminist wave coincided with common sense.

Women received the rights to which no human being can have any objection towards.

They received the right to execute their own wills, the right to vote, property rights and the right to act as legal witnesses in courts.

The first wave was mainly focused on legal rights for women.

And I have no objection towards this form of Feminism whatsoever, however long gone are the days that men and women had different legal rights.

This form of Feminism has therefore become obsolete in present-day society and it no longer serves it purpose.

Second-wave Feminism

Second-wave Feminism is already a step towards a darker direction.

It started in the United States during the 60’s after the World War 2 era where a lot of emphasis was put on traditional families.

Second-wave Feminism was all about turning the personal into political.

Feminists in this era highly emphasized their oppression being the result of sexist power structures.

It made sexuality, family, the workplace, reproductive rights, de facto inequalities, and official legal inequalities a focal point.

Emphasis was put on women not having the same equality as men do.

Women wanted to work as well and pay taxes just like men do.

Women wanted to leave their children at daycare to be raised by strangers instead of taking their biological responsibilities as nurturing mothers.

Women wanted the right to work like slaves just like their husbands do and in order to do this successfully, the contraceptive pill was developed during this wave.

In this way women could enter the workforce and unnaturally postpone or destroy the biological natural necessity to become mothers.

Second-wave Feminism was the start of female deception.

Women have been deceived on mass in believing that working and paying taxes like a donkey is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Going out into the world to serve strange people (mostly other men) outside of your own family is so much better than raising your own flesh and blood children and being a loving mother, right?


Third-wave Feminism

This is the wave where it all happened.

The absolute degeneracy of men and women started when Third-wave Feminism entered the scene during the early 1990’s.

This form of Feminism is a Satanic weapon designed by the Globalist Elites to completely separate the sexes through so-called equalization.

This form of Feminism upholds the view that there are no inherently biological or psychological differences between men and women whatsoever.

The Third-wave is still present today and now more than ever.

All those filthy lesbian degenerate women that parade the streets naked with empty fucking statements like “My body my rules”, they are the main representatives of modern-day Feminism.

They promote the slaughter of unborn children under the guise of women’s rights.

What about children’s rights?

And even when their children are actually allowed to live then they’re going to send them to Daycare to be raised by strangers because they have the excessive need to slave away in the workforce and pay taxes just like men do.

While all First-wave feminists where actually very dignified, noble and intellectually capable women; modern day feminists are no more than mindless beasts.

They are the filth in the streets.

Third-wave feminism is a tool to indoctrinate the masses into unnatural worldviews that serve only a few.

It is a weaponized form of feminism that is plain Communism in disguise.

Everybody is biologically equal and there is no difference between anyone whatsoever.

This is what Third-wave feminism actually stands for.

They even have Fourth-wave feminism nowadays since somewhere in 2012, but this is merely Third-wave feminism continued and mainly based on the virtual online reality we call Social Media and the Internet.

The Third-wave is what is being promoted into our brain day and night.

Whether you put on the Television, watch a movie, listen to music or walk in the streets.

It is everywhere and everyone promotes it.

All the companies and billion dollar industries out there are on board with it.

Whether Republicans rule or Democrats, the governments are all on board with the Third-wave.

Speaking out against Feminism in today’s day and age is like speaking out against the Roman-Catholic Church during the Dark Ages.

You will get persecuted and they will launch witch-hunts against you.

Being critical of Feminism automatically turns you into a Heretic.

Only a few men remain that actually have the guts to speak out against it, because we live in an absolute Gynocracy or in other words a Matriarchy.

The Government is Female and all policies are meant to lift women ABOVE men.


It is not about equality any longer.

Those days are long gone by now and the first two waves of Feminism practically solved all social inequalities between the sexes.

Women have all the exact same legal rights men have nowadays.

There is no legal inequality between the sexes.

Only in post-divorce court cases where women are almost unanimously the winning party.

That is why a lot of First and Second wave Feminists call this the era of “Postfeminism”.

It is the viewpoint that feminism is no longer relevant to today’s society and it really isn’t.

Modern day feminism is no longer feminism but rather Masculinism.

It is not based on getting women’s rights but purely focused on turning women literally into men.

If you really think about it long enough then you’ll draw the same conclusion.

Modern day feminism seems to be jealous about everything that is masculine.

They want women to be able to do everything that men are doing as well.

Even though this is biologically impossible and therefore results in mass-depression, high divorce rates, suicidal behavior and a war between the sexes.

Gender equality is an absolute hoax.

There is no such thing in nature.

In a natural world men are natural born leaders, whether it is on a tribal level or within the family.

Strength rules everything and men are biologically stronger than women.

They are more capable of physical labor, fighting, building, creating, discovering, ruling, hunting and killing.

Women are more capable of nourishing, loving, supporting, maintaining and following.

Men are more inclined towards reason but we often lack empathy.

Women are more emotionally unstable but they’re also able to love and nourish without boundaries.

However today they’re lifting women above men for this exact same reason.

The Gynocratic Matriarchy exists because women are better followers and supporters than men.

The Globalists eventually want a world where all the women hold the positions of power so that they can do whatever they want.

Women follow nonetheless it doesn’t matter who rules.

Isn’t it obvious why most (almost all) conspiracy theorists are men?

Isn’t it funny that when a population rises against a tyrannical government then it is always men that do all the fighting?

And when shit hits the fan then women always depend on men to take care of dangerous situations…

This is because men are dangerous by nature.

They question a lot of things and when men are disagreeable they get violent.

This is in our nature and the Globalists who are mostly men themselves know this very well.

When men rule there is no possibility of a Global World Government.

This is only possible when women occupy a lot of positions of power because women are far more agreeable then men.

Women will follow the Globalists blindly into tyranny without ever realizing that they’re serving tyrants.

Men are different because they are shaped by millennia of warfare, combat, battle and hardships.

Men will only follow other great men, they will not uphold a tyrannical Gynocracy.

That is why all efforts of feminism will be futile in the end.

Men have a certain boiling point until they reach the point of no return and they start rioting, pillaging, killing, raping, raiding and looting.

That boiling point hasn’t been reached yet in Western society but mark my words:

“The water is BOILING”

There is a lot of frustration among Western men hiding below the surface of media censorship.

When you watch the News you assume that the whole world is feminist and that there are only a few miscreants in religious circles who dare to say otherwise.

But this is the biggest hoax of all times.

And I know this because when men are among other men they aren’t that feminist as most women would love to believe.

Your supporting feminist husband is just a cuckolded wimp who doesn’t dare to speak his mind openly when you’re around.

But believe me when he is in the company of other men his worldview shifts 360 degrees and he rather has a woman that actually raises his children and cooks a fine roast chicken.

This is the honest truth, I’m not gonna lie about it.

When men are among one another there is practically no support of Feminism whatsoever.

And that’s fine because Third-wave Feminism is just the start of something that will destroy all healthy relationships between men and women.

No wonder divorce rates are at an all time high, there is no polarity between the sexes anymore.

At least that is what they want us all to believe.

The end goal here is to equalize the sexes completely and to create a global tax paying workforce of mindless consumers.

The traditional nuclear family of husband, wife and children is the greatest obstacle towards this Globalist Capitalist end-goal.

Without biological differences and gender roles the family unit doesn’t work.

Both parents work and therefore their children are raised by the state.

Both earn money and pay equal amounts of taxes.

Both are depressed because jobs simply suck.

Both come home tired every day and they stress each other the fuck out until that specific day of divorce comes.

Now we got two people with two different houses and two different jobs while both being tax paying consumers.

This is want they want to do with all of us.

Divorce is a money making business.

Hell lets forget about divorce, they don’t even want you to marry at all in the first place.

Families belong in the past, it is all about the individual now.

It is all about equality.

And there is no equality in a beautiful traditional family, rather the traditional family thrives in the framework of polarity.

Therefore try to realize that this globalist Gynocentric movement called feminism will be nothing but the imminent destruction of the nuclear family.

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