Fat Acceptance: The pinnacle of self-destruction

Fat Acceptance Body Positivity Plus size models

“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” – Proverbs 16:18


We’re seeing a lot of strange phenomena surfacing in the 21st century.

Things are really turning upside down in all societies across the world, especially in the West.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only sane person still around.

I mean, are we actually seeing all these bizarre movements and events that are unfolding themselves in this age?

Everything is becoming the exact opposite of what they are supposed to be.

All things that used to be wrong, sinful, evil and simply degenerate are now viewed as virtuous.

We live on our smartphones and our lives are unfolding inside of social media, instead of out there in the real world.

Men want to be women, women want to be men.

Eating meat is bad for you and being vegan is the healthiest thing alive.

A lot of men rather watch porn or scroll through dating apps rather than go out and find themselves a real woman.

They’d rather not give being rejected a single chance.

And who can blame them, since real women are now deluded by this evil called “Fat Acceptance”.

What is Fat Acceptance?

It is plain evil that is what it is.

Do we even realize that being overweight and having excess fat is unhealthy?

It can cause all sorts of diseases, ailments and malfunctions in the body.

Why am I even explaining this for God’s sake.

We all know this man…

Being fat seriously reduces your lifespan and it destroys the quality of life.

Heart disease is no joke, it is real and it exists out there in the bodies of fat people.

All this body positivity crap has got to go.

You don’t need to be body positive, you need to be body negative.

We all need to realize that as long as we live there is room for improvement, not acceptance.

Acceptance creates stagnation in progress.

Being in the same position is never the way to go forward.

That is why too much sitting is bad for your health.

You need to move and walk, not just sit and talk.

Fat acceptance is nothing more than the acceptance of sin and the negligence of virtue.

The seven deadly sins

Within Christian teachings there is a classification of sins or vices that people commit against their own natures.

These vices are called “The seven deadly sins” and they have seriously influenced the progress of Western society in ways we can’t possibly imagine.

A society needs to know its vices in order for it to remain a virtuous society.

But since Western society is no longer inherently Christian these vices have been forgotten and virtue is therefore almost absent from the minds of the people.

The seven deadly sins were classified as:

  1. Lust
  2. Gluttony
  3. Greed
  4. Sloth
  5. Wrath
  6. Envy
  7. Pride

Most fat people practice 3 out of these 7 sins by default.

“Who cares I’m not religious anyway…”

The seven deadly sins have nothing to do with religion. They are sins against human nature identified by the Church.

It is not about punishment from some supernatural sky-being in his fiery pit.

You will not be punished for your sins, these are fantasies invented to scare children.

But you WILL be punished BY your sins.

In the East they call this Karma, in the West they call it sin.

It is merely cause and effect.

You sin against your own nature and thus destroy the quality of your own life.

The three sins that fat people tend to commit are gluttony, greed and sloth.



Fat people are gluttonous because they can’t control their appetite. They overindulge in the consumption of food.

Gluttony comes from the Latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow.

This is a perfect description of how fat people eat.

They never take the time to really enjoy their food and that is why they’re never satisfied.

Fat people tend to swallow and not even chew their food.

And they always finish their plate within 5 minutes.

That is why gluttons tend to overeat because their stomach doesn’t even realize it is full until they’ve eaten their second or third plate.

The best way to put a full stop on gluttony is to start fasting daily, this will allow you to control your appetite instead of being controlled by it.



In the same way that they are gluttonous, fat people also tend to be greedy.

Greed and Gluttony go hand in hand.

They are sins of desire and mostly committed by those that have no control over themselves whatsoever.

Fat people want to eat as much as possible and thereby don’t take others into consideration.

They don’t even take themselves into consideration because otherwise they wouldn’t be fat.

Their greed has clouded their mind and so their body becomes fatter and fatter.

Always deteriorating into an even worse state without ever realizing it.



Sloth refers to laziness but a better definition comes directly from the Latin word Acedia which means “without care”.

Sloth is the failure or negligence of doing something one knows they should do.

Fat people know they should lose weight in order for them to not suffer a life of pain, disease and misery.

They know exercise is mandatory for them in order to become healthier and strong again.

They know eating less and better food is obligatory upon them in order to burn off all their excess body fat.

But what do most fat people do?

They neglect exercise and overindulge in unhealthy food.

This is sloth.

This is how evil creeps into a society.

Evil like body positivity and fat acceptance exists because good people fail to act against it.

We all know the end game of this fat acceptance movement.

It will result in a population that just becomes fatter and fatter until they all become docile, demoralized and passive; like cattle.

Ready to be slaughtered.


A virtuous society

Our society is crumbling day by day and piece by piece.

Human morals are at an all time low and virtue is basically absent from the minds of the people.

Whereas the ancient classical civilizations all had being virtuous as the highest goal of man, we today bask in our sinful behaviors and even take great pride (which is another one of the seven deadly sins) in it.

The ancient Greeks for example held aesthetics in high esteem.

They believed that physical fitness and a healthy mind were two sides of the same coin.

A fat person could never become a philosopher in ancient Greece.

Today we see fat people occupying all sorts of intellectual positions in society and the results are painfully obvious.

Society is not based on virtue but on sin.

Society does not care about the virtues of moderation and charity but rather gives in to greed and gluttony.

This is because gluttons now occupy positions of power.

No longer are we ruled by strong kings and athletic philosophers, but by weak feminized men and fat feminist women.

It is time to make a change.

Physical fitness must become more than just an Instagram trend.

Physical fitness must become a virtue again.

To be healthy is to be virtuous and to be virtuous is the beginning of greatness.

Changing society takes more than just a few politicians.

Creating a great society starts at the individual level.

If you’re an overweight person than it is time to start losing that weight.

If you’re a woman then stop being body positive and start being your own critic.

Don’t look at plus size models and fat accepting feminists. These plus size models might be beautiful but they’re not healthy.

No fat person is healthy, it doesn’t matter what they will tell you.

You can be positive all you want but if you don’t put in the work to change your condition then you will suffer from it, sooner than you think.

Fat people deal with all sorts of diseases, ailments and joint pains.

They also die significantly earlier than people that are physically fit.

You want to suffer mentally and physically for the rest of your life because of being fat and then even die an untimely death?

If not, then start taking your health seriously and go do something about it.

Do not deny the painful truth.

Stop being deluded and start putting your body under construction.

Because fat acceptance is the pinnacle of self-destruction.












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