Fat acceptance: Condoning suicidal behavior

What better way to limit the growth of a population then to encourage them to eat themselves into an early grave.

Fat acceptance is that encouragement and it is being used by the Globalists to put a halt on population growth.

The Globalists simply believe that the world is getting too overcrowded.

But the days of mass warfare, genocide and extermination are over; they’re killing off people in a way more subtle way nowadays.

They’re letting us kill ourselves.

So they promote unhealthy eating on all media channels out there and they’re saturating our cities with fast food billboards and restaurants.

They promote the wrong diets in medical circles, give us bad health advice and intoxicate us with chemical lab-manufactured substances called medicine.

But you know what’s worse than that?

Nowadays they don’t even prioritize health anymore.

They prioritize equality above anything else.

So under the guise of equality they’ve launched this movement called “Fat acceptance” or “Fat pride” into the channels of the mainstream.

Being FAT is NOT a Body Type

This is the first argument that all of these fat women bring forward to the table.

That everybody’s body type is different and that some people are simply born fat or simply can never stop being fat.

But being fat is not a body type!

Fat is literally inflammation on your body and a direct result from consuming too much carbohydrates.

You’re body type is different because you’ve been stuffing your face with sandwiches and sugar all your life.

That is why all these fat pride women are fat as fuck.

Not because they have magically different bodies that are always generically fat…

It is because they have no control over their desires plus they lack the willpower to stop consuming sugar and starchy carbohydrates like bread and mashed potatoes.

In addition to that they probably don’t exercise either…

If the fat acceptance movement actually revolved around “movement” there would be no fat in the first place.

All human beings are designed to have lean and strong body types by nature.

Nature has intelligently designed us in this way.

It is ridiculous to assume that fat body types exist in a natural world where humans have enough daily exercise and the right natural foods to their disposal.

There were no fat people in hunter-gatherer societies where people moved every day and walked for miles on end.

People only became fat since humans started farming and eating grains in large quantities.

Foods like starchy carbohydrates are very detrimental to human health and has resulted in a plethora of sicknesses among the human population.

A visible sign of the low quality foods we nowadays eat is body fat.

It has nothing to do with body types but with utter lack of self-control and dietary knowledge.

People become fat because they’re stupid and they’re stupid because their body is fat.

There is no such thing as real intelligence in a nutrient deficient body.

Fat people live horrible lives

When I see obese people eating huge meals filled with sugar and carbohydrates in public then I look at them with disgust.

When I see obese people in the Gym trying to improve their lives despite all their bodily weaknesses, I look at them with respect.

There is no such thing as fat shaming.

It is just an empty statement to make you feel like an asshole.

It doesn’t mean anything…

If you are fat then you SHOULD be ashamed!

At least that will motivate you to do something about it.

Being obese is not a joke people.

It is a life threatening situation and a heart attack can seize your reality at any given moment of the day.

More people die of obesity induced heart attacks then people die of cancer.

More people die of obesity than all cases of terrorism, war, gang violence, murder and drug related crimes combined.

And it should be fairly obvious to all of us.

When I walk through the city then I see fat/obese people literally everywhere, especially women because they have more estrogen than men and are therefore prone to larger quantities of body fat.

Fat women are a real problem in this society and by ignoring the problem through “acceptance” we will only make it worse.

If you’re fat then every day is painful.

Obese people’s bodies are seared with inflammation and the potential for them to suffer chronic diseases or diabetes is huge.

They have a hard time taking the stairs without being out of breath as well.

Some obese people can’t even walk for twenty minutes without intense pain in their knees and joints.

They suffer organ failure and even brain malfunction.

But hey let’s accept the fact that people are killing themselves.

Let’s condone suicidal behavior among women and call it “fat pride”.

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