Faith in God is the Only Way to attain True Happiness

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.”
– Ephesians 2:8-9

A connection with God is the number one birthright for all of us.

It is what we as human beings were made for, it is the ultimate feature of the human system.

To be able to connect with something which is in the end superior over Nature.

Because all of our lives, most of us only get in touch with the physical environment in which we are born, raised and subjected to decay.

This is the way that animals live.

Humans however have very different capabilities then animals and the human mind is much more superior than any form of base animal instinct.

To connect with Nature is animal behavior, to commune with God however is very humane.

Humans are the only species cross-culturally around the world that actually have awareness of the divine world and the world of spirits.

Animals are purely physical beings.

I’m not saying they don’t have spirits, but they obviously don’t show any signs of spirituality. (Except for elephants who actually bury their dead.)

We humans on the other hand, have always been highly invested into the world of spirit, right there from the early days of our genesis.

Even scientists and evolutionary theorists will tell us that human hunter-gatherers were animists since the advent of the first human races.

Modern-day Paleoanthropologists date the earliest significant evidence for religious practices back to the Middle Paleolithic age (300.000-50.000 years ago).

They propose that Middle Paleolithic human societies such as the Neanderthals were the first humans to actually bury their dead, and in addition to that, evidence suggests that they also worshiped animals and totems (sacred objects that represent spirit beings).

Religious conceptions in humans however fully gained shape according to these scholars of the Paleolithic age, not until approximately a 100.000-200.000 years ago with the fully evolved Homo Sapiens brain.

The more human we become, the more religious.

Religion is the Highest Human conception of the Nature of Reality.

Any form of pure irreligion, materialism or atheism is therefore a revert back to animal behavior and an animal-like state of mind.

When one gives himself over to his or her animal nature, all that matters is a pure fulfillment of base instincts.

Eating, drinking, sleeping, procreating and eventually dying, that is all the materialists live for.

Without the Divine Connection ones life is worthless.

When one is separated from God all his life then his true purpose will never be revealed to him.

Throughout his life this person will continuously struggle with the endless roller-coaster ride of Ups and Downs; Rights and Wrongs; Pleasures and Pains.

Never truly satisfied but endlessly suffering.

No amount of wealth, land, houses, businesses, vehicles, pets, cattle, clothing, gold, jewelry, food, drink, intoxicant or the possession of any other material object will ever be able to satisfy the human soul.

Money doesn’t buy happiness they say and it is the world’s oldest cliché.

However such a blank statement shows a person’s lack of original thought.

Of course money doesn’t buy happiness, there is nothing in this universe more obvious than that.

If money bought happiness then why do the most wealthiest people on this world still work?

Why do CEO’s, bankers, politicians, aristocrats, entrepreneurs, celebrities, professional athletes and everyone else with a substantial amount of money; do anything and everything to make more money?

Why is there not one single rich person out there that decides to buy a private island and enjoy an early retirement with endless pleasure?

Because money doesn’t buy happiness.

There is no such thing as obtained happiness.

Happiness is not the result of any external event.

That’s why so many rich people eventually kill themselves, because they’ve went seeking their entire lives for happiness and never found it.

They were too money-conscious and mentally linked the material instrument of money to the spiritual concept of happiness.

You see happiness is not a matter of the world but as many religious figures have said before me, happiness is more a matter of the heart.

The body may be warm, fed, healthy and well-rested but as long as the heart remains unfulfilled, the mind remains restless.

And therefore happiness seems to be forever out of reach for us.

“Take delight in the Lord,
   and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

– Psalm 37:4


Faith is the most important thing in the world.

Everything you act upon on a daily basis is induced by nothing but sheer faith only.

Faith that the future exists.

Why do you think people participate, in the same old boring job for 20 years straight?

Even though they hate every minute of it…

It is because they have faith that one day they’ll finally be happy with their lives and most likely that moment will reveal itself on the day of their retirement.

However this is nothing but blind faith, it isn’t based on anything.

If you aren’t happy with your life right now and you’re not doing anything about it, then why do you expect some improvement in the near future?

This is pure superstition, it is a form of faith far below that of any established religion.

It is the dumb man’s religion, it is the spirituality of the mentally incapacitated atheist.

Yes, even atheists have faith…

Faith is not a religious thing, it is a human thing.

The fact that we have so much fat slobs walking around in our society nowadays is because they have faith in the illusion that they won’t die from an immediate heart attack; even though there is the enormous possibility for any fat person to die in such a horrible way, each and every single day.

And yet, the fattest people still stuff their faces and refuse to improve their bodies in any way.

This is because of blind FAITH.

They literally believe that life is fair and that they themselves will avoid that inevitable heart attack, until the day that they’ll die peacefully of old age.

But nothing is guaranteed, people who calculated themselves to still breathe for 50 more years are suffering from untimely deaths each and every single day.

People die, tomorrow is never promised.

Which brings us to the second article of blind faith.

Most people assume that they will inevitably wake up each and every single day.

But every day above ground is a good day.

Every single day is a disguised blessing in many different ways.

Yet, carelessly most people close their eyes each night being inconsiderate of their own mortality.

And then when they hear about somebody in their surroundings passing away, they get shocked as if death could have never happened.

But it happens all the time, all around you and most times death hasn’t been caused by violence or the use of any weapons.

Most people die through the desolation of their body caused by their own hands.

Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Sugar and Processed Foods are the true killers of 90% of people nowadays.

And yet most people have faith that the harmful effects of these substances won’t effect them whatsoever.

On the other hand there are people that believe in luck all the time.

These people often claim to be the biggest atheists and followers of science, yet these retarded individuals lack the common sense to realize that they have put their religiosity in a god called “luck”.

Some metaphysical being that will grant you whatever you want on special occasions only and at other times this being called Luck won’t give you anything at all.

How is that not a deity? What kind of brain malfunction do you have to suffer in order to not see that believing in luck is nothing more than believing in a higher power.

You’ve just rephrased the concept by giving it another name.

The point of my story is that people believe in whatever they want, but they believe or have faith in all sorts of things nonetheless.

Nobody is an atheist, only in name.

If you refuse to believe in the creator then at least you’ll believe in your boss, the company you work for, money, politicians or whatever foolishness.

They’ll call themselves atheist but will cry for an external power to solve their own problems.

“I hope that the newly elected government will finally solve the financial crisis”

That’s Faith… and casting a vote is like prayer since it is a literal petition to suggest who will be your savior.

All Faith is futile in the end, except Faith in God.

God is the only thing that can connect our Spirits to a thing called Happiness, Salvation or Fulfillment.

Nothing else will ever be sufficient for any human being.

Since God transcends this Universe and penetrates it at the same time.

He is Everywhere and therefore accessible to anyone.

Happiness comes only from God through Faith, whatever that Faith is.

However nothing material can bring lasting happiness so if the Faith is not grounded in the transcendent (ie. God) then the Faith remains useless.

What does it serve to have Faith that you will earn a million dollars and retire in wealth at the age of 65?

It is a fun thing to look forward to, but it will not fulfill you to retire rich.

You will not receive lasting happiness from anything material since all matter is bound to perish.

All money is bound to be spent and everything you buy will be gone at any turn of events.

All food you buy will be eaten, all drinks you purchase will be drunk, the clothing you wear will turn useless and all jewelry is fruitless.

Your car will break down, your parents will die, your house will crumble and all those flowers you’ve planted in the garden will wither away.

Nothing remains.

Nothing lasts forever except for the transcendent all-pervading Lord of the Universe.

The Ultimate Source of Happiness and Bliss.

Have Faith in Him or Her, whatever suits your wish.

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