Evil globalists are controlling modern society

There are a lot of strange things happening in the world we find ourselves in today.

In our modern-day westernized global capitalized technocratic society, the strangest and most unnatural things are being promoted as “normal”.

And all those things that used to be considered plainly wrong and degenerate are now considered to be the best things a man can do.

In the 21st century people are literally receiving standing ovations because they’ve scientifically castrated themselves.

People are receiving credit for attacking their own natural biology.

Transgenders are heroes and so are homosexuals.

That is a sign of utter degeneracy and a downward spiral for a morally righteous civilization.

In the Bible there is a god called “Yahweh” who literally rains down fire on homosexual shithole’s (Sodom and Gomorrah).

Perhaps you might have heard of this God because at least 4 billion people in the world believe in him .

Whether this god exists or not, it shows the state of mind humanity has had throughout its entire journey until now.

These modern day phenomena of utter human degeneracy are being chemically and scientifically induced through endless propaganda in the form of sexual degeneracy in movies, TV-Shows, Music and through all other outlets we indulge in for entertainment.

I literally believe that there are no people in this world that truly can’t see what is going on, everybody knows there is something inherently wrong with the way things are going in society across all spectrums.

Whether we talk about homosexuals, transgenders, extreme political correctness, endless multiculturalism, mass-consumerism, forced veganism or degenerate females claiming that abortion is their natural birthright.

Those are the worst in my opinion, your birthright is not to kill your child but it is to actually raise your children.

All females that are pro-abortion have major mental defects.

Yet, this evil society promotes all of these things and these consist merely of the tip of this degenerate iceberg we call the Western world.

And I am not talking about the Western world geographically.

I’m talking about Western society, which is literally all across the globe right now through mass consumerism, entertainment and the rise of the Internet.

It literally penetrates all homes now, this decadent political correct globalist culture.

Where does it end, brothers and sisters? What is the end game tho?

How will society look after perhaps 25 more years of this utter degeneracy, or 50 more years…

Most of us will still be alive then, so ask yourself, is this the way to go?

To praise sexual degeneracy, as the best thing a person can partake in…

The people who control all the money seem to think so, because they’re the ones pushing all this stuff.

Not the governments, not the politicians we elect into office, most of them have no clue about what is truly going on because they’re degenerates themselves.

Politicians are extractions from the general masses, they’re algorithms of society, nothing more and nothing less.

They don’t control shit, most of them even resist the way globalism is headed.

That is why Donald Trump became POTUS in 2016 and the UK’s Boris Johnson was elected into office on December 12, 2019.

There is a lot of resistance from the general population because we all realize that there is something inherently wrong with globalism.

Globalism takes power out of the hands of the many and puts it into the hands of a few.

A few major banks, big pharmaceutical companies, the military industrial complex, big agriculture and the entertainment industry which is controlled by these major players.

These are the people man, not a single honest politician among them, these people gather in huge international Think Tank’s through which they influence the course of politics and society in general.

Major Think Tank’s like the Club of Rome, The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Money talks and money rules, so the ones with all the money control everything.

That is why you see all this degeneracy on your TV-Screen.

This is why the media has so much power and influence over the people, because all the media is in the hands of literally less than 10 companies.

You don’t stand a change against the forces that have amassed against you as a normal morally righteous citizen.

This society run by globalists almost forces you to became a trans, homosexual, vegan, mixed-race, atheist, consumerist and fearful degenerate.

Scared of everything and therefore never standing up for anything.

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Ashwin Orie

I am the Mind behind the Grind.

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