Equality: Mental deception of the First Order

Government state-funded propaganda is the greatest tool of ideological subversion in the 21st Century.

The governments of the Western world use many different forms of Media in order to wage psychological warfare on the Western mind.

They’re waging this war on us day and night.

However we might ask what are the reasons the governments have for this hostile behavior towards us?

And the reasons are quite clear once you open your eyes to the truth and stop being blinded through these Media Channels.

It is merely to make sure that all political power in the world remains in the hands of the few elite.

Those wealthy families, bankers and multinational corporations that basically control almost all resources in the world.

All resources except one…

The human mind.

It doesn’t matter how much food, money, weapons and land you control.

The elite have learned from the past.

No population can be controlled by force.

They have learned from all the revolutions that took place since the 16th Century.

They’ve learned from all the mistakes they made in trying to physically colonize the whole world.

It doesn’t work like that…

They know very well that you can only force a population to a certain point beyond which they revolt and chop off your head in a public square.

The present-day elites are not trying to enforce us into doing anything anymore.

The world population is too large to be controlled by force.

That is why they’re no longer trying to control us by force like all the rulers and kings of the past tried.

No the present-day elite (bankers, multinationals, shadow governments) realize very well that the only way masses of people can truly be controlled is through subversion, indoctrination, brainwashing and state-propaganda.

They’ve learned from Nazi-Germany.

Nazi-Germany was like a test model for what they’re doing today.

In order to see how enough brainwashing can seriously change a population’s ambitions completely.

And the propaganda of the West today is far more advanced than that of the Nazis.

Now they’ve actually convinced the population that the ideas they’re popularizing through the Media are their own.

We believe that everything the media tells or shows us are our own feelings and opinions.

That is the way they convince you.

They convince you with statements like: “Everybody is equal.”

Because it sounds very nice and you don’t want to sound like a dick for saying otherwise.

But is it actually true?

Equality is the #1 Hoax

When equality is the subject of conversation especially in the Hollywood Movie Industry we always hear the beautiful words of Thomas Jefferson over and over again:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

What they don’t often tell you is that at the moment that Thomas Jefferson wrote these words in the American Declaration of Independence he himself owned African slaves.

So much for all men being equal right?

There is no such thing as equality, not now and not back then.

The words that popular media often leaves out of this equation are the words that immediately come after this quote.

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

– Thomas Jefferson, United States Declaration of Independence

This is key, if you actually read what it says literally…

Read that sentence again.

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men..”

That is the first part where this whole equation already fails itself.

This is already part of mass indoctrination.

The belief that governments are necessary to secure your God-given rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

That is already inequality in and of itself.

Whether we can live without a government that is neither here nor there.

Nor is it a part of this discussion, but to assume everyone to be equal while giving away your powers to a government is sheer ignorance.

There is already a gap between you and those that rule you.

If they want to take away your money, they will.

They don’t need your consent once they’re in office.

They can do whatever the bankers and multinationals allow them to do.

Money rules society not equality, neither does your free speech nor your consent.

Money is King and the President in the White House is the Hand of the King.

Keep that in mind throughout the Ideological Subversion series.

The President serves money and he serves those wealthy shadowy figures that control all the money.

There is no such thing as equality, we live in the New World Order where money rules and people serve money.

It is on your fucking money itself!

Novus Ordo Seclorum literally means “The New Order of the Ages” in Latin.
It refers to a new type of government, not ruled by Kings with birthright but through money itself. Therefore money is King and the people serve money.

Equality is one big hoax.

Do you think the wealthiest people, bankers and multinational corporations care about human rights and equality?

The more equality there is, the less influence they themselves have.

So they make you believe in equality while they themselves hoard all the money.

That is why you are paying more and more taxes each and every single year just to provide others with equal rights and Universal Basic Income.

Meanwhile the government lowers taxes for all these big corporations and even hands out bonuses to the wealthiest CEO’s.

But as long as you believe that you’re equally much worth to the world as the CEO’s of for example Oil Companies then the governments can do whatever they want.

When the common folk believe that they’re worth something other than just slaving away in order to pay taxes then everything will remain in order.

Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson?

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

It is literally there in the declaration of Independence…

“deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

They want you to believe in equality wholeheartedly, they want you to believe in the power of your vote and consent.

Because if you do then once you’ve voted the government can do whatever they want.

You’ve voted so you’ll never be able to say that you didn’t had a hand in whatever happens in society.

All you’ll be able to do eventually is casting a vote for the new spokesperson.

We just vote puppets into office but the wealthy and powerful always rule.

Whether George Bush, Barack Obama or Donald Trump sits in office; it is all one and the same thing.

Money rules and politics is a hoax, just like equality.

That is why equality is so important as a doctrine in present-day Western society.

Everybody is equal because that is the new religious narrative.

Equality is the new Catholicism.

It is the mainstream doctrine pushed by the rulers in order to control the population and to keep them from revolting.

Why would you revolt if you believe that everybody has the same chances, rights and opportunities?

We’re all equal and our governments are not better than us, they’re meant to serve the public.

That is what you believe and that is what they want everyone to believe.

Everybody is equal and there is no oppression.

Equality leads to tyranny

Once everybody believes they’re equal then nobody feels oppressed even though oppression is at the order of the day.

If you don’t pay your taxes then the government sends in the police force to raid your property and throw you in jail.

You have to obey the government at all times.

Equality is just a word.

And yet it bears significant magical powers.

Like all words do.

Words have magical effects on people which they themselves can’t comprehend.

Words are magic, that is why we spell words.

And when we say something bad, we call it a curse.

Subconsciously we know that words affect people but we don’t realize how much.

Words like equality put a veil over people’s eyes.

By believing that everybody is equal and by hearing it all the time throughout your life, you’re eventually going to believe it.

But is it really true?

Is everyone you know truly equal?

If that were the case why do we prefer certain people over others?

Why in 12-16 years of school and college do we only connect with 10-20 kids out of thousands of other kids?

Why do we only have 5 good friends instead of being friends with all the hundreds of people we know?

It is because we prefer certain types of people over others and that’s because people are DIFFERENT.

Instead of everybody is equal we should learn to understand that everybody is different.

Every human being is different.

There are no equals anywhere.

Humans like every other animal have clear-cut hierarchies.

Are you going to give your boss at work a warning becomes he came in late?

You can’t…

Your boss can come in whenever he wants while you have to be there every day at 8.

There is no such thing as equality when you got a job.

There is a hierarchy of humans at every single company and business that exists.

There are always people that are more valuable to the company than you are.

Even when you’re a CEO, you’ll have to answer to stockholders, shareholders, important customers and political events.

You do not have free reign.

Humans rule over one another.

If everybody was truly equal then society would not function at all.

Humans all have different qualities and are therefore suitable to contribute to different parts of human society.

Everybody contributes in a different way because everybody is different.

Some men are obviously physically stronger than others.

Others are far more intelligent.

There are differences between all humans on a massive scale.

Differences between qualities, mental states, races, genders, sexuality and even spirituality.

There is no such thing as equality.

If you put the owner of a large oil company and an Asian rice farmer in the same room, do you think they would behave as equals.

The rice farmer by nature would become humbled by the stature and presence of somebody that literally has governments in his pocket.

Somebody that could make his own life a whole lot better by investing in perhaps his own rice company of which he always just dreamed before.

The rice farmer would take a position of servitude and extreme politeness in order to secure his own ambitions.

The Oil Magnate happens to be an extremely wealthy billionaire and often times finds himself in the presence of presidents and the most wealthiest people on the planet.

He would take a position of power and probably lord over the rice farmer the moment they both entered the room.

This is human hierarchy.

It literally happens in every situation where there is contact between two people.

And in most cases the dominance position establishes itself in the human subconscious immediately upon contact.

No ordinary citizen is the dominant one in contact with a police officer.

The police force is naturally above us in the dominance hierarchy.

Some of us tend to resist the police as much as we can but when push comes to shove we really can’t do anything and that is the reality.

The ordinary middle class citizen stands very low on the pyramid of human hierarchy.

Above the middle class stands the upper class and the rich.

They have better options in life and more possibilities.

Lets be real, being rich is just better when you live in the Western World.

Without money you can’t be happy in the West.

Unless you have no desires like the Buddha, but that is a story for another quest…

The rich simply have more opportunities in this society and carry more individual power that way.

But even they have to abide by the law and being rich is not rich enough to influence politics and evade taxes.

Above the rich is the police force.

Because even the rich go to jail when they use illegal drugs, exceed the speed limit or beat somebody up.

Above the police force are of course the elected government officials who make sure that certain laws are implemented in society.

However they do not create the laws nor are they the originators of the ideas that are being implemented.

They just obey the program that has been installed for the new elected government.

And by program I mean everything that the truly elite want.

Who are the truly elite?

They are the top of the pyramid in all societies across the world.

They’re above ALL governments and their influence is not limited to national borders like most common people.

They are the extremely wealthy, the big multinational corporations and the most powerful of all…

The bankers.

They literally control all money in the world.

Meanwhile these people are less than 1% of the entire human population.

These one percent people literally decide what laws governments should implement and which ones they should discard.

Governments obey them at all times, because without these 1% of people the Western governments have no influence in the world.

In the same way that Medieval Kings had no real power without their Noblemen and the Church backing them up with financial and religious support.

Without bankers, multinationals and big corporations backing up our governments there literally is no power for those that sit in office.

Money is power in this society and all power is with those who control all the money.

What was all that talk about equality again?

When everybody is equal then the ones that are truly powerful become Lords over all.

The only way to fight tyranny is by realizing that you’re not equal as those that rule you.

You’ll have to realize that you’re not really worth anything in this society and let that awareness fuel your own drive to succeed.

Become unlike all the other “equal” people and let that be your drive to fight the tyranny of equality.

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  1. I still dont get WHY most women and cuck men wants this thing called EQUALITY ?!

    They cannot observe the great mother nature?

    • They have been systematically dumb’d down by the Media and Government.

      Most people in today’s age are unable to see reality for what it truly is, even when it is right in front of their own eyes.

      Thanks for the comment man!

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