Entertainment: Bread and Circuses for the Masses

At the height of the Roman Empire, it was the Emperor’s main duty to keep the Romans from revolting.

The Roman Empire after centuries of expanding its borders through conquest and fighting off barbarians, became a huge collective entity that eventually needed something more than pure safety and martial culture in order to keep the population in check.

The common Roman was far removed from all the warfare that went on at the borders of the Empire in places like Germania, Gaul and Britannia.

At the heart of the Empire in Rome, there was a large population of people that needed something entertaining in their lives to keep them going.

The people in the late Empire where no longer concerned with Roman values like Heroism, Valor and Courage.

The days of all Romans being trained soldiers where long gone.

In order to keep the non-soldier part of the population satisfied with daily reality, the Roman Emperors invented the concept of “Bread and Circuses”.

Literally it boils down to receiving free wheat or grains from the State and the possibility to watch Gladiators fight to the death at the Colosseum.

Food and entertainment… what more could a human being want?

The West is the new Rome

Doesn’t this sound a lot like our modern day Globalist Western culture?

A culture wherein only a small portion of the population is still involved in the things that truly matter for the advancement of society.

The rest of us are just a bunch of beggars and bootlickers.

Serving the agenda of the new Rome blindly but doing it without really honoring its foundations anymore.

Most Westerners live out their days in complete monotonous behavior.

They accept the free bread they’ve been given without really questioning why that is…

We can get all the cheap foods we want delivered right to our doorstep without ever leaving the couch.

While we’re sitting on the couch waiting for our bread, we can binge-watch all the favorite TV-Shows and movies we want.

This is the modern day equivalent of the Roman Circuses.

And it is right there in our own houses, in our living rooms and bed rooms as well.

Bread and Circuses is all the Westerner literally knows nowadays.

This is due to the process of Ideological Subversion.

Tell me when was the last time you had to hunt, fish or farm the land?

All food and entertainment is at your fingertips.

Even sexual pleasure doesn’t require much effort anymore because of free pornography and a perverted culture that values promiscuous sex greatly.

The Western Globalist and Capitalist Empire which is the modern equivalent of Ancient Rome, has led to a fast decline of the population.

Most Westerners are simply degenerates in today’s day and age.

The 20th Century somewhat still represented the Old Roman Republic where men were still fighting for their countries because they had a sense of duty towards their nation.

The 21st Century has turned man from a patriotic warrior into a passive demoralized animal that has no opinions of himself but has become fully indoctrinated by the globalist gynocratic agenda of the wealthy elite.

This is because modern day “Bread and Circuses” have been intelligently designed to shield your rational mind off from reality.

Bread demoralizes you

The more you’re able to stuff your face with all the junk food out there, the more demoralized you’ll become.

Because eventually that is all you’re going to care about.

The Western problem with obesity didn’t fell right out of the sky.

It developed through decades of mass-indoctrination of especially the American population in specific.

Decades of brainwashing the mind with a billion commercials about all the cheap and widely available junk food out there.

All the frites, all the pizzas and all the milkshakes you want.

Too much bread will simply kill you.

Most people do not have the clairvoyance to see what is really going on here.

They assume it is a normal state of being to get the mind bombarded with things to buy and eat 24/7.

Seeing a commercial or advertising with junk food on it seems to most people like the normal state of being.

Like an everyday event…

However we don’t notice these things anymore in general.

Most of it is noticed subconscious because our conscious thinking mind is already too far gone.

Western people lack the attention span to actually pay attention to what is really going on.

And not only does the Emperor’s free bread destroy their minds and intellect but the free Circus does a heck of a job as well.

Circuses are there to distract you

In the same way that bread demoralizes you, the Emperor (Globalist Wealthy Elite) provides us with mass-entertainment as well.

In Ancient Rome these were the Circuses or the Arena’s where Gladiators fought to the death.

Today the circuses are basically all the bullshit we watch as entertainment.

All the silly sports games we watch on TV which are in actuality a huge waste of time and focused energy.

Watching sports makes men act like women, all emotional and sensitive to events which have no bearing or carry no significance in their immediate lives.

I even see grown men cry or become angry over their favorite teams or athletes for losing games and matches.

And take in account all the pornography we are able to watch which is literally, not a only a waste of time but a waste of life as well…

It drains vital energy out of our bodies and dulls the mind into a sedentary state.

Meanwhile a majority of men is highly addicted to it nowadays.

And a majority of people are addicted to binge-watching TV Shows or listening to whatever crappy shit music there is out there.

All the Netflix TV Shows, the Marvel movies, the nasty music and whatever other weak emasculating habits we nowadays so obsessively indulge in…

All of these are part of what the Romans referred to as circuses.

A distracting tool regulated from the top of human hierarchy down to entertain the bottom feeders and to keep them from revolting.

Throw away the bread and burn the circus down

Not literally…

Everything in moderation and you’ll be fine.

Well perhaps you should throw away the bread tho, because bread is fucking terrible for you.

But my point is that you should do everything moderately and because you actually like it.

Don’t join the circuses just because everybody else is.

Do not feel obligated to always keep up with all the latest forms of entertainment.

Sometimes it is okay to remain a little old fashioned.

Many things were better in the old days.

Too many people will ignore this however because too many people are fucking retarded nowadays.

Degeneracy is a real thing and the Western Mind is at an all time low.

That is why our Western governments are passing laws left, right and center that are seriously impacting our freedom and privacy.

We’re too fucking distracted by all the entertainment to ever notice all the dark shit that politicians and corporations are pulling off to uphold the Globalist Agenda.

For most people it is really better to just detox completely from time wasting and self-destructive habits in their lives for a while until they actually wake up again.

Because the bread and circuses have locked them down into a passive state for years, so it becomes kind of hard to find a healthy balance.

If you truly want to stop wasting time on 24/7 entertainment and actually get important things in your life done again like for example building a business, learning a skill or playing sports yourself, then you SHOULD quit cold turkey with everything that does not benefit you.

Go cold turkey without watching TV, Pornography, Movies, Sports or Netflix for a week.

See how that will change your perspective.

Go cold turkey without eating any junk food for a week.

See how that will change the way you physically and mentally feel.

I guarantee you if you do both of these things then your life will be completely different at the end of the 7th day.

Your life will actually make sense again and you’ll enjoy the daily slur because you aren’t basing your self-worth on what pleasure external things can give you.

Instead you’re basing your self-worth and sense of fulfillment on what you can do for yourself.

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Ashwin Orie

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  1. Facts after facts.

    BR&C is the easiest way to dumb people down and turn 99% of ANY population into full zombie mode.

    • Exactly, giving the population plenty of food and entertainment is a way better tool of propaganda than any other method.

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