Deus ex machina: Why most human beings believe in God

– Publius Ovidius Naso, Roman poet

Human beings love good endings.

We all believe in it wholeheartedly and religiously.

Humans that lack the belief in good endings often end up as sociopaths, mass murderers or sexual degenerates.

Therefore in general, human beings do tend to see sense in a meaningful existence and in a good ending to the plot of life.

Our constant striving towards economic prosperity, advancement of healthcare, development of technology and all other scientific endeavors show that we have a sense for overall well-being and general goodness.

Through our daily rat race we are all trying to find that sweet spot of happiness in life.

We chase sense pleasures, desires and appetites all day long.

This shows that human beings are not nihilistic by nature.

It takes years of abuse, propaganda, misinformation and bad experiences for a human to become a sincere nihilist.

In general the human race perceives life to be very meaningful.

We believe for example blindly in the fact that all our years of effort and struggling at our jobs, careers, crafts and businesses will pay off in the end.

Humans believe that all their daily toiling will be paid off in the end and that they will enjoy the fruits of their labor in complete bliss.

If this was not the case then the economy would completely collapse.

Nobody would see sense in actually doing any work if it was revealed that not everybody will make it in the end.

It wouldn’t make sense to spend 40 hour work weeks at some factory if you lack the believe that you’ll ever reach the age of retirement.

Because you see…

Many people die long before the age of 65.

A long life and a happy retirement are not guaranteed.

However not many of us choose to believe this, do we?

Most humans believe wholeheartedly that they’ll enjoy a nice retirement with a house at the lake, finally become happy and grow old in good health with beautiful grandchildren.

If this was not the case then nothing would have value and society would collapse on itself.

Look at the Soviet Union, that was a society that was nihilistic at its core.

It completely destroyed itself from the inside out and Russians are still suffering from the Soviet mindset today.

The same goes for North Korea.

There is no meaning or general goodness in these countries.

In Communist countries there is a ban on all belief in God and therefore on all hopes for the future.

Because believing in God is based on faith in good endings.

If you cut God out of the equation then all you’re left with is a bad ending to the story.

That is the fate of all countries that become nihilistic at its core.

That is the fate of every human that truly becomes a nihilist at heart.

A bad ending…

Therefore most human beings actually do believe in God even though they might not follow any religion or uphold any theological views of the world.

They however do believe in a good ending to their story.

Most of us believe the future is bright and that we will enjoy the results of everything we do right now.

The future however is just a metaphysical thing, it is not real in the sense that we perceive our present day reality.

We just believe in its reality so that our present day actions actually make any sense.

We’re saving money now so that we can enjoy our trip to the tropics next year.

If you didn’t believe that that specific trip would actually occur in the future then it wouldn’t make any sense to save money for it anyway, would it?

However you do believe in it and so you have faith in something metaphysical.

Everybody does, even those that proclaim themselves to be atheists.

Humanity is a religious race at its core.

Our religions, philosophies, sciences and worldviews just keep changing along with the changing currents of progress but believing is what we keep doing and what we always have done since the dawn of time.

Without belief nothing would be achieved.

“It is convenient that there be gods, and, as it is convenient, let us believe that there are.”

We’ve all heard the term Deus ex machina probably a couple of times before, since its all over popular media.

It is Latin for “god from the machine” and it basically refers to the miraculous way in which writers give a spectacular twist to their stories in order to bring forth a good ending from very unlikely odds.

A Deus ex machina comes very unexpecting and serves to solve something that seemed irresolvable.

We see this in movies all the time and almost every movie writer makes generous use of this principle.

The Deus ex machina isn’t something strictly related to our creative endeavors however.

Most of us choose to believe in the God from the machine throughout our lives.

Again let’s remember the quote “It is convenient that there are gods…”…

We expect to eat unhealthy for 30-40 years in a row, stuff ourselves with sugar, indulge in alcoholic drinks, smoke packs of cigarettes and avoid all forms of exercise; and still we assume that we’ll live out a healthy, wealthy and happy retirement without physical ailment.

We expect to work at the same job for 30 years and expect to eventually become magically rich.

When we get cancer, diabetes, aids or heart disease we act as if that is the Deux ex machina…

As if the chronic diseases that hit our systems just appeared out of nowhere and its so not fair!

But the Deux ex machina is the fact that we actually believe that we’ll be alright in the end after years of self-destructive habits and behavior.

All sicknesses are punishments of nature for the violation of natural laws.

Nothing happens without a cause preceding the effect.

The fact that some people are rich is because they took the right steps to become rich.

It is no miracle, neither is it a matter of luck.

And neither did they take the right steps towards riches because of luck.

They believed in the fact that they were destined to be rich and therefore their mind provided them with the right path to follow.

You attract what you think about most of the time and you reap what you sow like the Bible says.

Belief is the key to achieve.

If there is no thought preceding your actions then there will be no actions to begin with in the first place.

The Mind is ALL, the Universe is mental.

All your daily experiences take place inside of your mind and you experience everything through your own perceptions.

The world is the way you see it and for everybody else it is the way they see it.

Therefore everybody believes in God but God is something else for everyone.

Most people believe in money and therefore money is God.

Most people also believe in love and therefore God is love.

Even within the same religion people have a million different beliefs, that is why there is not a single religion on the face of this Earth that does not contain a multitude of different sects within its own group.

And even within a sect there are different groups and even within these small religious groups people’s beliefs differ from those of their fellow brethren.

A husband and wife might share the exact same religious denomination however both perceive God to be something different in his personality.

A female will always have a more feminine perception of the Divine because she perceives the world through a feminine motherly lens.

She’ll only perceive the motherly matriarch qualities of God despite what her religion is.

What women are attracted to is a forgiving, loving, all-hearing, all-seeing, merciful and very personal God of comfort.

What men are attracted to is often a strict Heavenly Father that is kind of distant but there for them when they need Him to.

God should be there for men in times of war to give victory to their people, or to supply the barren land with rain during famine or to cure sickness when things get really bad.

We project our own mentality unto what God should be like despite what our religious scriptures and ancient teachings say.

Women believe in a God of comfort because that is what women love by nature.

They also believe in a God of protection, a savior type, because that is what they need in nature.

Men believe in a God of almighty power because that is what men love by nature.

They also believe in a God of strength, a warrior type because that is what they need in nature.

Women love to be comforted by the idea of God’s grace and Men love to be strengthened by it.

That is why men and women complement each other, their religious views are based on each other’s natural preferences.

Throughout human history young girls prayed (and still they do in modern ways) for a strong husband with whom she could have beautiful healthy children.

Many boys however dedicated for example animal sacrifices to ancient gods to gain strength and material wealth, in order to get beautiful young women to marry and have strong sons with.

This divine relationship is deeply ingrained within human nature and we desire it religiously.

However this is not a religious talk at all.

Remember God is just convenience, it is a word that does not indicate anything specific.

That is why it is always said that:


The only reason that people object to this is because the word God carries heavy notions of religion, theologies and centuries of bigotry with it.

But let’s forgot about all religious teachings and stories for a second.

We all believe that things will work out in the end.

We all believe that we will still be alive tomorrow.

We believe this in our hearts and a person that denies this is either a liar or a saint.

Probably a liar because a true saint is a little harder to come by these days.

The point is that humans almost all have religious beliefs but just in different metaphysical realities.

One person might consider himself an atheist but then he goes and buys a lottery ticket with his lucky numbers on it in the hope that he will miraculously win a million dollars.

To such a person luck becomes the Deus ex machina or the God from the machine.

He is not an atheist by heart, only on the tongue.

He is a lucktheist and if he actually wins then he’ll consider himself the luckiest.

That is what he believes and that is his religion.

The common human believes in hundreds of different gods, there are no true monotheists by heart in this modern world.

There are too many distractions out there to be a pure monotheist.

Jews, Muslims and Christians are only monotheists on their tongues but their minds and hearts are possessed by whole pantheons of different gods.

Money, junk food, designer clothing, expensive cars, the newest smartphones, flat screen Televisions, celebrities, pornography, gambling, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and music….

Are these not Gods?

Are we not worshiping all these things on a daily basis?

Even those that claim to worship no other God but their own God.

They still go to work, suck up to their boss and do everything in their power to keep their jobs don’t they?

Isn’t that worship?

You worship money because you slave away and do things that you don’t like to get it.

I worship money as well.

Not going to deny it, we simply can’t function in this modern world’s system without sufficient funds to supply our existence.

We simply can’t.

Money is God, that doesn’t mean that God is evil and neither does it mean that money is evil.

It just is what it is.

We have many Gods and we always had and we always will.

Yet there is only one God and that is God.

Might sound confusing, doesn’t make me wrong.

What was that saying again?

“…as it is convenient, let us believe that there are.”

But most human beings already believe, we just need to be reminded that we are.

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