Democrat vs Republican: Which one is better?

Republican vs democrat which one is better?

All phenomena in the natural world are based on two things.

A negative charge and a positive charge.

For every single thing there is en exact opposite on the other side of the spectrum.

This is a Universal Law.

The world is dual in nature.

Hot and Cold.

Fire and Water.

Darkness and Light.

Black and White.

Good and Evil.

Big and Small.

None or All.

It makes no difference what it is, just know that it has an exact opposite on the other side of the spectrum.

There is a very small boundary between love and hatred.

Where does love begin and hate end?

And where does heat start and cold end?

When you ponder upon this, you’ll realize that these things are not different from each other at all.

They describe the same phenomena but just a different degree.

“Love your enemies”

– Jesus Christ

A racist that hates a certain ethnicity, loves that same ethnicity as well.

It makes no difference.

A racist person can’t live without his hatred for a specific racial group, because his hatred is what gives him or her purpose in life.

Without the hatred, their lives would have less meaning.

They love to hate and they hate to love.

It is the exact same thing.

The Ku Klux Klan loves black people.

Black people give them meaning in life.

Hitler loved the Jews since they provided him with a mission, that raised him up from a broke aspiring painting artist to an absolute powerful ruler of the entire German nation.

The Jews were on his mind all the time.

That is love even if the content of the mind is filled with hatred.

Opposites are the same in nature just different in degree.


Republican vs Democrat

You don’t really still believe that I am going to analyse the differences between Republicans and Democrats are you?

Do not be so silly.

The debates between exact opposites like this will never end.

The debates Republican vs Democrat, capitalist vs communist, left-wing vs right-wing, Christian vs Muslim and black vs white will never end.

Debates of these nature are a never ending story.

For everything in nature there is en exact opposite.

One can’t exist without the other.

In this world love can not thrive without hate.

There is no day without there being a night.

Without war there is no concept of peace.

There is no rich without there being poor.

Opposites will never come to an agreement.

The worse thing any person can do is to argue all the time with the exact opposite side of the spectrum.

The worse thing a Republican can do is to argue with Democrats all the time.

The worse thing a Christian can do is to maintain continuous theological debates with Muslims.

The worse thing a black person can do is to accuse white people of racism all the time.

There is no solution to these things.

When I was still on social media I saw it all the time.

Exact opposite sides arguing with each other all the time in comment sections of different Facebook groups and pages.

On social media every single post is a cesspool of mentally frustrated people.

And you know what’s worse than that?

People actually believe that they’re being productive in this way.

They actually think they’re contributing to the mission of their group.

A Republican truly believes he is helping the Party by having arguments with Democrats on social media.

The black person actually feels better after accusing white people of being racists in the comment sections.

The Muslim actually thinks he is helping Islam by bashing Christian doctrine and vice versa.

However nothing good comes from these arguments.

It is much better to just accept that there are different groups in the world that will never reconcile with one another.


Focus your attention on the bigger picture

If you always argue then you will never evolve.

Wars are never constructive but always have an intense backlash.

Even if the war is won, the peace will never last.

The second war will only be much worse.

The key is indifference towards the other side.

This is what loving your enemies means.

It doesn’t mean hugging them or persuading them with words of honey.

It means leaving them be as they are.

Neither fighting them nor talking to them.

Focus on the bigger picture here.

If you are constantly fighting one another then neither side can really get anything constructively done.

But if you just focus on your own ideals then you’ll actually achieve something.

Wouldn’t it be better for Christians to actually form a connection with Christ and practice Christian values like Charity, Chastity, Self-Restraint, Patience and Humility instead of trying to persuade other people to become Christians all the time.

Wouldn’t it be better if Republicans just concentrated all of their attention on building a great Republic instead of continuously trying to point out why it is wrong to be a Democrat.

Wouldn’t it be better if black people focused on creating a great prosperous black community instead of always accusing white people for their own misfortunes.

Aren’t these things obvious?

I can raise 10 more examples of ignorant behavior like this.

Evolutionists arguing Creationists.

Atheists arguing Theists.

Flat Earthers arguing everyone that isn’t retarded.

Vegans arguing meat eaters.

Homosexuals arguing normal healthy human beings.

Extreme feminists arguing non-apologetic men.

The point is that it’s not about what you are but what you do with it.

A huge majority of society is just about talk. People love talking about what they belief and what they stand for.

But who is actually doing something?

Are you doing something that is benefiting your ideology?

Or are you merely trying to prove your ideology to be right to others?

And why are you doing that?

Do you have so little faith in your own beliefs that you have to prove them to be true to others?

If your ideology is correct, then let the world see the right path.

Don’t talk about what the right path is but show us the way.
















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