Creation: A Never Ending Cycle of Divine Manifestation

This is not the first creation, let’s make that perfectly clear.

And how could it be?

If we logically think about it then everyone is bound to come to the same conclusion.

Even the most devout religious people might often say that they just simply don’t know what came before this creation.

So, let us break it down today and talk about why this creation is one of endless divine creations.

What was God doing before this creation?

If God created the Heavens and the Earth in the beginning like a lot of religions uphold as their main slogan, then what was he actually doing before this creation came into Being?

Was He sleeping or just floating around in Nothingness?

It seems so strange for creation to pop into existence at a certain point in time even though time itself is bound by creation…

There is no time without creation and yet the conclusions of all religions is that the creator DID exist before it all.

If He didn’t exist then immediately we’re forced to hit a religious brick wall, which renders all religions futile.

Because if He didn’t exist before creation then He is not eternal but bound by space and time, and that means that He himself was created.

Which is blasphemy if you ask the common religious person.

So, let’s agree that God is eternal and He existed before creation.

Then the question arises again!

What the hell was God doing all that “Time” before this Universe came into Being?

Was He just eternally silent and enveloped in His own Blissful Consciousness?

Sounds kind of boring don’t you think, even for a Divine Being.

But perhaps that is just human perception…

Nevertheless it seems kind of futile to be in a perpetual state of Divine Conscious Bliss and all of a sudden decide to create a flawed violent malevolent world…

Because that is exactly what our Universe is, a violent and malevolent place where everything is feeding on something else.

A realm wherein everything is constantly dying and suffering.

Why create suffering when you yourself are already perfect?

That sounds very cruel and kind of a senseless thing to do.

Let’s imagine the scenario for a second and anthropomorphize God to get a better sense of what I’m talking about!

God was just being God, All-Blissful unto Himself; not lacking in anything and neither plagued by desires, because what could He possibly desire when He is ALL that Is?

And all of a sudden in the most random of moments He decides:

“Hey, I’m the Only One here and I’m kind of lonely so let me create something which I have never created before just to see what happens”

There are a lot of things wrong with this scenario as most religious people will probably agree with me.

First and foremost, it shows that God is NOT omniscient and doesn’t know everything… which is blasphemy if you ask a common religious person.

Secondly, it shows that God get’s bored which is kind of ridiculous if you’d consider Him to be the source of Ultimate Happiness and Bliss.

Third, where did He all of a sudden get the inspiration and blueprint from to create something He never created before?

All questions that require some serious answers and explanations.

The logical conclusion to draw from this is that This is not the First Creation.

So, what was God doing then before this creation?

The answer is very simple…

God was endlessly creating

He never started and therefore He never stopped.

God has been creating endlessly since like…. we don’t know and we never will.

We can only come to the sensible conclusion that God is endlessly creating Universes after Universes after Universes, simulating all possibilities in an endless stream of an incomprehensible Existence.

He never started and He never stopped, everything has always been here and it always will be but just in different shapes and forms.

Modern science has reaffirmed the statement of Ancient religions like Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism in the fact that God’s Maya or Energy is eternal.

This is literally the conclusion that established Scientists have drawn AND proven, that ALL is energy and energy can never be destroyed.


So, if the energy was always here and will always be here then the only sensible conclusion we can draw is that this energy has always been used as well.

It is coexistent with God eternally and part of His Being.

It is His creative power which He uses endlessly to just create and create and create!

This is not the first Universe and certainly not the last, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t even the only one existing at THIS specific moment in time.

All God’s creations are here simultaneously.

All dimensions are existing right now!

If God is All-knowing and eternal then He witnesses everything right now at the same time whether past, present or future.

He is the Eternal Observer who sees everything at the same time.

While we are present right now and existing in the 21st Century, God is present with Prehistoric people from a 100 thousand years back as well.

He sees it all and experiences it all at the same time.

The Universe is an endless cycle of creation and therefore it is not a chronological timeline whatsoever.

It is an endless cyclical wheel of death and rebirth, creation and destruction.

And the spinner of the wheel is a Being we like to call “God”.

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