Why you should NEVER masturbate

Why you should never masturbate

Masturbation is for losers, plain and simple. It is one of the greatest causes of failure in modern day men and yet society acts as if it is a normal thing to do. Masturbation is the number one destroyer of… Continue Reading

Strength is the Foundation of Civilization

All men have to be strong

Civilization as we know it wouldn’t exist without the strength of men guarding its foundations since the dawn of history. It is strength that builds cultures. Not tolerance, not compassion, not equality nor human rights. Everything that mankind now stands… Continue Reading

5 reasons why you should quit social media today

5 reasons why you should quit social media today

To achieve anything in life there is one thing that is required of every man that desires to do so. That one thing is what mankind calls sacrifice. Sacrifice is the one thing that was always required of every man… Continue Reading