Fat acceptance: Condoning suicidal behavior

Fat pride is suicide

What better way to limit the growth of a population then to encourage them to eat themselves into an early grave. Fat acceptance is that encouragement and it is being used by the Globalists to put a halt on population… Continue Reading

Transgenderism: The Personification of an Emasculated Culture

Transgenderism The Personification of an Emasculated Culture

When I grew up there was no such thing as Transgenders. There was no talk or a single mention of it anywhere, I never encountered a man looking like a woman. Also, I’m in my twenties… so it wasn’t really… Continue Reading

Feminism: Imminent Destruction of the Nuclear Family

Feminism destroys the Traditional Nuclear Family

Feminism hasn’t always been the Satanic movement that it is today. In fact Feminism started off as a great movement. The oppression of women was a real thing in many parts of the world. However Feminism has never been just… Continue Reading

Sexual Degeneracy: The Widespread Consequences of Mental Perversion

Music industry sells you sex

Let’s face it… We’re all a bunch of fucking perverts. We’ve been collectively brainwashed into believing that sex is just a casual thing. The devastating effects of uncontrolled sex with many different partners are NOT to be underestimated. Sex is… Continue Reading

Entertainment: Bread and Circuses for the Masses

Stop wasting all your time on leisure

At the height of the Roman Empire, it was the Emperor’s main duty to keep the Romans from revolting. The Roman Empire after centuries of expanding its borders through conquest and fighting off barbarians, became a huge collective entity that… Continue Reading