Become a Man with Iron Fists

We live in a world where everything has been turned upside down.

The late 20th Century and the 21st Century are what I consider to be part of the Era of Ideological Subversion.

In the past 100 years everything human beings considered to be normal or natural has been demonized and completely reversed inside of our minds.

Throughout all of history man and woman were considered to be very different in nature but now in the 21st Century all of a sudden they’re the same.

In all previous ages there were only two genders in nature, man and woman. In the 21st Century it seems like there are 50 other genders as well.

Back in the days everyone assumed that only man and woman were supposed to be married since only a man and a women can reproduce, which is the essential goal of all life on Earth.

Now in the 21st Century a man and a man can marry, even though they can’t naturally reproduce which means they’re meant to die off in nature without leaving descendants.

A same sex marriage is pure degeneracy based on lust and satanic influences on the brain.

Everything is turned upside down right now and it seems that it is only going to be worse.

There are hundreds of evil things we nowadays consider to be normal even though they go against everything mankind always stood for.

The things we now consider to be normal are almost in all cases very unnatural and they are the heralds of a new dark age.

But everything is not black and white for mankind.

A lot of greater aspects of this ideological subversion can be fought by exactly doing that, through subversion.

We can reverse the ill effects of this new age by starting personal crusades against the ideological subversion of our governments.

So how do we fight the emasculation of men?

By becoming masculine fucking men ourselves.

Become that which they are fighting so hard to exterminate, instead of becoming effeminate we should strive to become extra masculine.

They want masculinity to be deemed toxic and unworthy of this so-called modern age.

Well lets give them some toxic masculinity.

They haven’t seen toxicity yet, the masculine race has so much more up its sleeves.

They want to extinguish the light of masculinity by feminizing society however in the end all of their work will be futile.

They’re not really feminizing men, what they’re actually doing is separating the weak ones from the strong.

The wheat from the chaff.

The only real men that will remain left, will be dangerous fucking men.

And I mean fucking unstoppable.

These men will rule and they will crush all other effeminate men and women under their iron fists.

This website is for the Men with Iron Fists.

Men who have no patience for those who constantly bitch.

Becoming a man with Iron Fists

A man with an iron fist has an unyielding approach to life.

What I mean by becoming a man with an iron fist is not what every female immediately assumes when they’ll read these words.

It does not refer to cruelty, oppression or being an asshole.

It means that you stand up for yourself in all situations, don’t ever allow anyone to tell you what to do.

God has given you freedom and you have the God-given right to exercise that freedom.

Nobody can tell you otherwise and if they’ll try then you show them the Iron Fist.

Show them your unyielding nature and never compromise.

You are in charge of your life and nobody can tell you otherwise.

So rule number one…

#1 Never Compromise

Women love to compromise.

They have to in order to survive, this is still a biological remnant of the Natural World.

Men do not compromise, it goes against his Masculine Nature.

A man should always follow his own ambitions and exercise his own Will on his daily life.

A man eats what he wants whenever he wants, he will not go to a salad bar because his woman wants to eat “healthy”.

He will not compromise his own stomach to cater to the wishes of somebody else.

A real man realizes that his body is his own and whatever pleases his body is the business of nobody else but himself.

If he wants to eat steak then nobody is going to interfere, the matter has already been settled between him and his cattle.

#2 Be Physically Strong

A weak man is not a man.

And yes I am talking about physical fucking strength.

I am not the type of guy that is going to tell you that you should be confident and walk up straight with your chest out and your chin up, to show some fake confidence.

I am telling you to be strong as fuck.

And if you’re not then let me tell you something…

Nobody is born strong, there is not an infant in existence that can knock you out or carry you on his back.

Sure some people are genetically superior than others but that doesn’t prove anything in terms of overall physical development.

Everybody can become strong with effort and determination.

And every man should be.

You’re not a man if you are physically weak!

You are a little boy, you are one of the meek.

#3 Embrace Danger

One of the biggest things that is holding men of today back is their fear of danger.

And this transcends actual physical danger, which is sometimes a healthy fear to have in nature.

But nowadays we fear things that aren’t worth being scared for at all.

The fear of poverty is so real in our present-day society even though there is more than plenty of food to go around for everyone.

There is more than enough living space for everyone.

There is an endless supply of money because it is inherently useless.

It is just paper and yet we all fear scarcity so much.

Some men nowadays even fear not having enough likes on social media.

These are unhealthy fears man, it shows that you have an utter lack of common sense.

You are unable to see the obvious truths of life.

Nothing comes without effort and effort always comes with a price which is danger.

To become physically strong you have to do things that are very demanding of your body and they leave the potentiality of getting injured in the process.

To build a great business and become self-sufficient you have to sacrifice things that you might need for your safety and security, like for example money and privacy.

Danger is lurking at every corner in life and that is the beauty of it!

When you are a man you are made to conquer these dangers despite risking your own life.

This is how great men are made, they risk everything in order to achieve anything.

All great men lived very dangerous lives and all men that died namelessly lived lives of great comfort.

So which one are you?

Will you die a stranger or will you start embracing danger?

#4 Get OFF Social Media

Dude are you really a man?

Being concerned with social media is a pure female thing.

Do you think your great grandfather who was out and about hustling, grinding, building, fighting, killing, hunting and fishing…

Do you think that great grandfather would be proud of you today if he saw the effeminate way you are acting out there in the virtual world, collecting likes on social media.

Or would your great grandfather consider you to be a little bitch and turn around in his grave?

Ask yourself this question honestly…

Think about the secure way you’re living your life and ask yourself: “Is this really worthy of a man?”

Maybe it is time you hop off social media and just let the insecure women on there wallow in their pity and self-hatred.

Men should leave social media altogether.

And I’m not talking about YouTube unless you’re one of these guys that hops into everyone’s comments like a little bitch.

YouTube is very educational and if used correctly it can function as a great medium for learning independent knowledge.

But if used for leisure then YouTube isn’t anything better than just watching TV.

Having said that, all those so-called networking sites should be discarded immediately to maintain whatever manhood you still have left…

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest these are all just a bunch of bogus websites that will only serve to demoralize you.

They are tools of ideological subversion and will leave you devastated.

It is not fitting of a man to waste so much time on things that are not real.

It is pure mental slavery.

Let the women get sucked into this virtual reality by themselves, as men it is time to wake up.

You’ll notice your Alpha Male Self immediately appearing back into your life from the depths of your Subconsciousness once you cut out bullshit habits like social-media scrolling out of your life.

You’ll become a real man with a real purpose again.

The days of being influenced by virtual reality are over and you can focus your attention on things that really matter.

Like becoming a strong man with great ambitions and not a little emasculated wimp that is drooling over Instagram bitches.

Dude wake the fuck up!

All social media will ever get you is low confidence, wasted time and a sick desire for virtual sluts.

#5 Be unapologetic

When they ask you why you left social media then be unapologetic about it.

Hell, be unapologetic about everything in life.

When they ask your advice give it wholeheartedly without making any excuses about it and without sugarcoating the blatant truth.

Tell them you left social media because it is for fucking mental slaves and serves to demoralize the population.

You don’t have to go around and evangelize your newly found beliefs or opinions but when people ask for it then give them the freaking Gospel.

Tell them the blatant truth to their face.

If they don’t believe you then let them suffer in their disbelief, never compromise your own happiness (rule number 1).

Don’t allow your own blood to boil because people don’t belief you or necessarily agree with you.

Differences in opinion is the strength of our human race, it is not a weakness.

Being wrong isn’t a weakness either, any man can be wrong but not every man can stand wrong in the face of adversity.

Every wrong belief can be a right belief if you stand by it and if it works for you.

So do whatever the fuck you wanna do.

#6 Know when to be silent

A man with an iron fist knows when to shut his mouth and when to keep it shut.

Like I said before, not everybody will always believe you and therefore it is better to remain silent when nobody asked your opinions.

In this way you save yourself a lot of extra time which you can spend in doing manly ass things.

Build your business in silence without explaining everybody what you’re actually doing.

Build a great and strong muscular body without having to post every gym session on social media.

Stop taking pictures of meals, nobody cares about what you’re having for dinner.

This is part of becoming more masculine, you’ll have to learn to care less about the opinions of others.

This can be done by remaining silent, by not speaking unnecessary bullshit into the world.

Be a great father without telling everybody all the nice things you’ve did for your kids.

Buy new gadgets without feeling the need to tell your neighbors about it.

You get the picture I hope…

Masculine silence transcends all barriers.

Don’t be like the feminine that loves to spill all its secrets out into the world because the feminine is in need of constant validation.

Feminine energy is receiving energy, while masculine energy is achieving energy.

They both serve different purposes in the world and they should balance each other out.

There where the woman loves talking, the man should learn to be silent.

#7 Stop masturbating

Masturbation is for losers, plain and simple.

You can’t become a strong man and masturbate at the same time.

Nobody respects a masturbating man, that is why you do it in secret.

The act of masturbation turns great men into abominations. It is an act of self-mutilation and a sin against your own soul.

Pornography absorbs almost half of all the Internet space out there, it is so widespread and freely available even though it costs enormous amounts of money to produce.

It is accessible to everyone nowadays even little children.

This is because pornography is one of the greatest tools the government’s are using in order to ideologically subvert men into becoming women.

They are feminizing you through constant indoctrination with lust.

They want you to watch porn, masturbate and spill your vital seed all the time.

The man’s semen is his greatest weapon, it is his life force.

When you constantly release your sexual energy you become docile, complacent, weak, sluggish and eventually mentally retarded.

This is why our society has been completely degenerated into a lustful sex craving paradise.

Sex is everywhere and for everyone to see 24/7, even TV Shows for little children are made sexual.

If you haven’t ever noticed this before than know that you’re already too far gone, your mind is literally sex.

You need to unplug from this mentally enslaving system.

Stop masturbating, stop watching porn and start having meaningful relationships with real women.

#8 Get Married like a Real Man

When you are able to have meaningful relationships with real women again, it is time you’ll get married as well.

All men should realize that marriage is the only true way in this world to become a respectable man.

Behind every great man stands a great woman.

A king needs his queen to rule beside him, all kings that rule without the supporting mind of a woman become mad kings in the end.

To become a man with iron fists you’ll need a kingdom to rule over.

Every man should have his own kingdom, consisting of a great queen and royal children.

The governments of this world are destroying the traditional family unit as we speak.

That is why single mothers are being supported religiously by our governments.

That is why they promote Transgenderism, Homoism and all these other filthy Ism’s into our society through pornography and ideological subversion.

That is why they promote people to have casual sex everywhere whether it is on TV, Music, Movies, Billboards, Commercials and Social Media.

Sex is literally everywhere!

This is why they promote the use of condoms, birth control pills and other contraceptives.

They are systematically destroying the traditional family unit.

The days of husband, wife and children are over.

Now we have husband and husband or wife and wife.

Or we got Mr.Genderless marrying Mrs.I don’t really know what I am either.

The most traditional family unit in these days is boyfriend and girlfriend living together and having unlawful kids.

Children we use to call bastards are becoming the bulk of our society right now.

As a bastard myself, I urge all men to get married (to a real woman) and start building that traditional family again.

This is the only thing that can save the destruction of men.

#9 Find your purpose

A man without a purpose is not a real man. He can never be a truly great man either.

He is destined to roam the Earth without vision, he is like a ship without a captain.

Just floating around in time and space.

A man needs purpose to become a strong man.

How can you rule over something with iron fists if you don’t know what to rule over?

How can you lead your woman and children with a strong hand if you don’t know which direction to take?

That settles the case.

Find your purpose.

“But how do I find my purpose, I just don’t really know what I like…”

Everybody knows what they like, the fact that you think you don’t means your wasting your time on things that don’t matter.

You need to quit the social media, stop watching the netflix, shut off the TV and get out there in the world.

You’ll realize really quick what you like to do once you just cut off all the time wasting bullshit.

Boredom leads to creativity, leisure just leads to more leisure.

Start giving yourself some more mental space and extra time to think and contemplate.

In this way all sorts of creative ideas will begin to surface.

Boredom is the key to finding your purpose.

#10 Learn how to Fight

Violence is never the answer.

But it is always one of the answers and a lot of questions are answered through violence whether we like it or not.

The natural world is a violent place and the reason that a lot of people never really got in touch with violence is because we don’t live in a natural world any longer.

Throughout history violence was at the order of the day.

Human life revolved around violence like the lives of all other plants and animals.

Now we live in a relatively safe world but that doesn’t mean you’re completely safe.

People are still getting killed, robbed, and raped.

As a man it is your paramount duty to be able to exert your force and be violent.

Especially now that you’re getting married and are going to produce healthy offspring.

You need to be able to fight and commit violent acts if you want to protect your wife and children.

No woman will respect you if you aren’t able to fight off burglars or home invaders.

No son will respect a father that is scared of other fathers.

Do you remember those days in kindergarten when you were boasting to other children about how strong your father was?

Now it is your time to become the father in this equation.

Learn how to fight and learn how to protect your family during a home invasion.


To become a man with iron fists isn’t that hard.

Being a strong masculine man isn’t that hard.

If you are a man than all these things I’ve mentioned should feel very natural to you already, they are your innate qualities.

Masculine energy is highly present within all men.

However it requires some personal effort on your part before you can actually use it.

The world’s poison has intoxicated you and it is therefore up to you to detox from this toxic mist.

Detach yourself from the female worldview and reclaim your iron masculine fists.


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Ashwin Orie

I am just a student of life trying to discover my own inner masculine being while sharing my findings with the men of the world.

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