Deus ex machina: Why most human beings believe in God

Why humans believe in God

Human beings love good endings. We all believe in it wholeheartedly and religiously. Humans that lack the belief in good endings often end up as sociopaths, mass murderers or sexual degenerates. Therefore in general, human beings do tend to see… Continue Reading

Homoism: The Rise of the Sodomites

Homoism The Rise of the Sodomites

They’re everywhere nowadays. In the streets, on our TV screens, billboards, movies, music or whatever… Every single direction I turn my gaze towards I’ll see them spreading their propagandic filth. These Sodomites are literally everywhere and how could they not… Continue Reading

Fat acceptance: Condoning suicidal behavior

Fat pride is suicide

What better way to limit the growth of a population then to encourage them to eat themselves into an early grave. Fat acceptance is that encouragement and it is being used by the Globalists to put a halt on population… Continue Reading