How Global Think Tanks effectively control the entire Western Media…

CFR controls the Media

Believe it or not but more people are aware of media lies and propaganda in this day and age. We’ve all been confronted with blatant media lies during our lives. And it has happened so often that even the boomer… Continue Reading

5 Global Companies that OWN the Mainstream Media

5 big companies that control the media

What does all the media have in common? It’s all propaganda. Agreed? Then you may succeed. Disagree? Please leave… Go watch some BET or MTV! All the rest of thee, please continue with meee and the Truth shall set you… Continue Reading

10 Global Companies that own almost EVERY brand we consume…

10 companies that own all global brands

The free market is the greatest lie invented by the Capitalist Western World. There is no such thing as the free market anymore, especially not now in the 21st Century. Times have changed and all forms of free market capitalism… Continue Reading

Hinduism: From Warrior Culture to Soy Boy Heritage

Hinduism and Eating Meat

In Ancient India during the Vedic Age, almost everyone ate cows. Cattle was considered as the main source of wealth in all ancient Indo-European cultures. And in Vedic culture sacrificing animals especially cows, were one of the main practices if… Continue Reading