Addictions kill your Drive to Succeed in Life

All addictions block a man’s ultimate potential in life.

They destroy his spirit, his willpower and his masculine drive to succeed in all things in life.

Addictions destroy our competitive nature resulting in endless fear, anxiety, laziness and procrastination.

Basically addictions destroy all forms of masculine determination.

If addictions are left unchecked they will most likely destroy your life completely and result in an endless sequence of lifetime failures.

I know that this is a fact of nature, nobody can escape failure and remain addicted throughout his life.

All addictions result in some sort of failure.

I got to make one thing perfectly clear tho, I’m not talking about good addictions obviously because those are actually a thing.

Some people are addicted to physical exercise while others are addicted to reading countless books.

And there are a lot of workaholics out there as well.

I am not talking about people that are addicted to success, obviously.

Although, these people are a mere exception, a majority of people got very degenerate addictions and I was no different for a very long time.

Pornography, alcohol, Marijuana, cigarettes, drugs, binge-watching Netflix, social media, sugar, junk food and gambling.

These are the most dangerous addictions out there and literally every single person on this planet has had either one or two of them at least, during their lifetimes.

If you count yourself among them, now is the time to make a change.

Awareness is KEY

Without awareness of your own nature, you’re nothing. You got no character.

Most people are exactly like this, they ain’t got no character!

This is because their addictions make up their entire character and I know because I’ve been addicted to every sinful thing under the sun.

In the stage of severe addiction, you literally lose a piece of your own character, which becomes dormant inside of your subconscious mind.

This is because you become dependent upon that which you’re addicted to, resulting in all your daily behaviors aligning towards that exact addiction we’re talking about.

The addiction basically becomes your life.

For an alcoholic, alcohol is the universe.

Such a person can’t comprehend existence without it revolving around intoxicating bottles of poison.

Acting like a normal civilized man, becomes alien to such a being.

Their drunkenness lingers over into their daily sober life as well and all they can literally think about is drinking that next beer or walking and talking with Johnnie Walker.

I had this exact same problem with everything I’ve ever been addicted to.

Addiction depersonalizes you and turns you into a mentally enslaved and deranged person.

You don’t even realize what a wretched being you have become.

This is why it’s important to become aware of all your thoughts like a hawk and to be very conscious of everything, which your mind tells you to do.

If your mind tells you to smoke weed, drink alcohol, watch pornography or gamble away your money; realize then that if you actually don’t want to do those things, then that is the greatest sign of addiction and you have arrived at its prime stage.

Beyond that there is no more way back.

A lack of awareness will cause you to be imprisoned in your own body, through the constant negative chatter of your mind.

If you don’t have awareness of your addictions and are still in denial mode, then you’ve probably ignored your conscious too often in life resulting in it going completely silent on you.

This is the complete unconscious state in which most real adult addicts find themselves, being addicted to for example alcohol or gambling for 20-30-40 years straight.

This is no longer addiction, rather this is possession.

This is addiction long past the stage of awareness and mental chatter, these people are brain dead.

For real…

They are unable to be saved, except by Divine intervention.

If there is a devil, then he damn sure got them!

They’re completely lost in life and disconnected from everything else but their addiction.

This is no way to live man, I was addicted to smoking weed for 3 years straight and I got to tell you…

The devil almost got me, but before he dragged me down into those fiery pits; I realized the power of God’s consciousness and pulled through with pure awareness of the destruction that I had caused to my own body and mind.

Addictions all work in the exact same way

All addictive substances, qualities and activities in life function exactly in the same way upon the human mind.

Initially when you partake in something which can be addictive, it gives you an enormous sense of pleasure which you’ve never experienced before.

That is why people get addicted in the first place, the thing they’re addicted to seems to be very pleasurable on the outskirts, but deep down inside there is this evil presence lurking to draw you in.

Addictions actually give you problems, which it then helps solve; by partaking in that exact same addiction, which actually gave you the problem to begin with.

For example a person who has abused alcohol for a couple of years, truly can’t function physically anymore without some amount of alcohol metabolizing continuously in their system.

This person truly believes in his mind that he needs the alcohol and therefore this actually becomes the case for the body, at least that is the way it makes him feel once he didn’t had a drink for more than a couple of hours.

Initially the alcohol was very nice and he enjoyed it very much, now all it does is bring him into trouble, with the law, with loved ones, friends, colleagues, his employer and last but not least with his own constantly warring body and mind.

This type of man continuously grabs the bottle to drink away all his problems, not realizing anymore that the bottle is the only thing which causes literally all of his problems in the first place.

This is the essence of insanity and a lot of people in our society are actually dealing with it, we just don’t realize it because not all addictions are equally destructive.

But for example sugar addiction is a real thing as well and works in exactly the same way as alcohol.

It gives you endless cravings for it, never satisfying you.

That is why I see all these fat women in public places shoving down carbohydrates and starches all day, without any sign of remorse or guilt.

Sugar gives you the cravings it pretends to solve, but if you didn’t consume sugar and carbohydrates, then the sugar cravings would reside completely.

I never crave sugar anymore, because all I eat is meat.

But that’s a story for another day, the clue of this story is that addictions are fucking up people’s lives in more ways than they can possibly imagine nowadays.

Most people have very severe addictions to multiple things but because society normalizes these things, they tend to ignore it altogether.

You however don’t have to be like this, you can realize right now all the things, you’re truly addicted to.

You yourself know this better than anyone else.

Reclaim your drive to succeed and stop being enslaved to endless material cravings and greed.

Life is way too short, to be addicted to useless and destructive things for 10-20-30 years straight.

How to quit any addiction…

Just quit.

Stop doing it, damn it!

No, I’m just kidding, if that were the case nobody would be addicted.

Addictions are a real bitch to quit, believe me I know, I’ve relapsed literally every time I tried to quit an addiction in my life.

It took some serious effort to really pull through in trying to quit smoking that “good holy herb”.

But there is still some truth to my earlier statement, that in the end all that can save you, is your own willpower and drive to succeed.

How much do you really want it and why do you want to quit?

Such things you must learn to answer for yourself throughout all your endeavors in life.

How much do you really want it and why?

Once you figure that out, the first step towards quitting has come about.

Perhaps it is best to write these things down for yourself, what also works is to enlist for yourself the specific thing you’re addicted to and then to empower it with a list of Pro’s and Con’s.

How will continuing the addiction benefit your life in the future and how will quitting the addiction benefit you in the years to come.

Once you’ve created a list with both benefits and analyzed both sides, then it will be obviously clear to you why you should quit (or not), in the end it is all up to you my friend.

I’m just here to help, I’ve already quit all my addictions.

I am a free man and if you want to be one as well then subscribe to my E-mail list, so I can keep you posted, empowered and motivated:

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