Activity: The secret key to Happiness

Happiness is a state of activity Aristotle

The pursuit of happiness is an absolute failure in today’s society.

Not even 1% of all people that walk this Earth would consider themselves to be truly happy.

Nowadays a majority of mankind seeks its happiness in entertainment and pleasure.

We seek our pleasure in things that are only temporary.

Things to have, things to taste, things to touch, things to smell, things to hear and things to see.

We follow our senses in order to find happiness.

This however will never make you happy.

Happiness does not lie in things to have, but in the things you do.

Happiness lies in the world of experience and not in the world of objects.

Ancient men knew this.

That is why they pursued goals like conquest, exploration, invention and eternal fame or glory as they called it in those days.

They had no desire for hoarding as much food, clothes and sex as they could, like we nowadays do.

What they cared about was doing great and heroic deeds.

They cared about their communities and willingly dedicated their lives to the greater good.

We don’t see that anymore in the 21st Century.

The common person is more inclined towards seeking happiness in material goods than in metaphysical glory.

And that is why the common person is never satisfied with life.

They are always bored, depressed and bothered by little things.

Anxiously they stroll throughout the days of the year, being unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their lives.


Desire causes suffering

This is the main teaching of the Buddha.

Not getting what one wants in life causes suffering.

The clinging to a certain material object causes suffering because everything in this world is subject to decay.

Everything is merely temporary.

Therefore desire for material things can never give you everlasting happiness.

When you get your college degree, you’ll want to have a job that is worth your degree.

Once you get your job, the job becomes boring so you’ll need a new object of desire in your life.

You start thinking about buying a brand new car, perhaps that will make traveling to work more pleasantly.

You save money for the car and buy it.

As soon as you get the new car, you’ll get used to it within a month.

It is just a car now.

The unhappiness starts kicking in again.

Perhaps you should buy a house and get married.

This surely will give you happiness for the rest of your life.

As soon as you’re married, your life stagnates.

You stop growing because what is the point, you got everything you need right?

Now your stuck in a job you don’t like.

Perhaps a career change will make you happy?

Or a brand new television set.

Maybe an extra vacation around the Holidays?

Do you see the insanity of our modern day culture?

We all chase things that will never fulfill us.

The funny thing is that while we chase a thing, we always seem to be at our best.

It seems as if chasing things itself is the source of our happiness.

We want desire but we do not actually want the object of our desires.


Activity creates happiness

It is about the journey not the destination.

All the beauty of life can be found in doing things not in acquiring things.

Being proactive gives us a purpose in life which fulfills us with creativity and happiness.

Doing things is an end goal, in and of itself.

A real gym rat can tell you exactly what I mean.

They love lifting weights just for the sake of it.

But most fat people go the gym because they need to lose weight.

They don’t like exercise in the first place.

They exercise out of necessity.

They don’t desire exercise for the sake of it, but because they desire to lose weight.

With this mind state a fat person will never truly become physically fit.

Even if they do lose some weight, most fat people always relapse back to a fat body within no time.

These kind of people will have tried all diets in the world but to no avail.

Because they only value the destination and not the journey itself.

Therefore every time they enter the gym it becomes a dreadful experience for them.

Every time they go out for a run, they are in a state of intense suffering.

Every time they eat a healthy meal, they expect to have burned fat by the next day already.

This is because of the desire for results.

This can change however when we move our desire towards the activity itself and not the end goal.

This applies to all areas of life where a huge amount of activity is necessary whether it is running a business, creating art, playing an instrument, practicing a sport, working on a project or dieting etc.

This is the philosophy I apply to my writing.

When I write I’m in a state of complete bliss.

I don’t care about results.

I care about writing and delivering the message.

Even if nobody ever reads this article then at least I’ve been happy while writing it.

If a million people read this article then at least I’ve been happy while writing it.

It is the same thing.

Activity is all that matters.

Nature is a dynamic force that pervades all things, therefore all things are bound to constantly change.

To remain stagnant in your life means that you’re not evolving along with nature.

Nature does not like stagnation and will destroy you for it.

This is where disease and chronic pain comes in.

This is where anxiety, fear and doubts come in.

This is where live becomes boring and you’d rather die then move on.

This is where the drug abuse, alcoholic indulgence, pornography, cigarettes and junk food come in.

If you’re not moving in the world, experiencing life in a plethora of different ways; and if you’re not creating new things, not learning nor building then nature will pull you down.

Why should you have the right to be happy?

You are not doing anything for the world, so why should the world bestow its bliss upon you?

“You’re not worth it, your name should be forgotten and you should suffer in silence.”

– Nature

This is what nature says to all people, be active or suffer an unworthy life.

These are of course not nature’s actual words, but I’ve tried to translate the law of cause and effect (Karma) into a language that the common person might finally understand.


Become proactive

The word proactive describes a person who gets things done. If you are proactive, you make things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to you.

If you want something in this world, you’re going to have to get it.

But remember that once you’ll have it, you’ll immediately want something else afterwards.

Desire is a never ending cycle.

Therefore the desire should not be in temporary and fleeting things but in doing things that will last.

The key to happiness is activity.

When you are active, your mind becomes passive.

You stop overthinking things, you stop doubting yourself and you stop worrying.

Why worry when your mission is right in front of you?

You can only worry when you’re passive and not doing anything.

When you’re sitting at home doing nothing then you’re in a passive state.

At this moment the mind enters an active state because it wants to do something.

The mind is a dynamic force as well because it is controlled by nature.

It wants constant change and continuous stimulation.

So if your activity is not stimulating the mind then the mind will stimulate you itself.

It will flood your body with anxiety, worries, doubts, anger, fear and cravings for instant gratification.

So if happiness is found in doing things, then the only way to not be happy is when you’re not doing anything.

I face these struggles all the time.

Some days I’m filled with desires for instant gratification.

These are always the days when I did not plan any activities.

Everyone has days like this.

The violent stream of time just sweeps us off our feet and after such a day of laziness, junk food and entertainment has been concluded, then our depression kicks in.

The suffering kicks in.

We tend to regret the bad decisions we took during the day.

We regret the junk food and the Netflix binge watching.

We regret not going to the gym for exercise.

We regret cheating on our diet.

We regret not reading the book we’ve been wanting to read for so long.

We regret cancelling that meetup with our friends.

We regret not studying for that test.

We regret not finishing our deadlines.

We regret not doing the groceries or choirs around the house.

We regret not writing that blog post or making that Youtube video.

We regret, we regret, we regret.

All these regrets come from being reactive instead of proactive.

They come from passivity instead of activity.

All natural phenomena are governed by cause and effect.

Happiness is a byproduct from activity.

An active mind is in balance with the active mind of nature.

All great persons we have ever known in history became famous because they did something.

Not because they had something.

Society has progressed because people kept inventing new things not because they just enjoyed the things that already existed.

We do not consider them great for doing nothing.

We consider them great for the things they created.

Their activity is what made them great.

“Extremely successful people know that their efforts must continue in order for them to realize new achievements. Once the hunt for a desired object or goal is abandoned, the cycle of success comes to an end.”

– Grant Cardone, The 10x Rule

Active persons control their own destiny and that is what makes them happy.

So are you prepared to take a hold of nature’s strings with the utmost readiness?

Because activity is undoubtedly the secret key to happiness.












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Ashwin Orie

Student of the Ancient Mysteries.


  1. Damn, this article shed some light on something important for me. I’ve always wondered why I become anxious when doing nothing or having no goal to work on. But when i am busy doing something productive everything flows and my mind becomes clear, calm and collected.

    • Yeah its crazy how life responds to passivity. It seems like moving forward continuously on the path of self-development is a must for happiness.

      Thanks for the reading Stan!

      • It’s also to do with momentum, like a snowball rolling down a hill. The more you do and the more you move, the bigger the snowball becomes. But when you do nothing, you stagnate and become dull.

        Really liking your articles man, I like to read less mainstream blogs as I know they are written by real people who have no agendas etc..

        • I get what you’re saying, most mainstream blogs look like SEO factories. As if they are all created by the same person.

          They got no creativity and no real spark for writing at all.

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