A Man Should Walk Every Day

Every real man should walk literally every single day.

Walking is not an option, the journey towards masculinity requires those legs of yours to move.

Every location that can be reached with a 20 minute walk, should be walked!

Unless you’re in an actual hurry, you should always walk.

For millions of years mankind walked.

We walked for miles on end just to find some fat beast to kill for our late night feast.

This is what makes a man, manly.

This is what made men lean, strong and healthy.

Throughout all phases of human evolution there was no room for a sedentary lifestyle until less than a 100 years ago when public transport became widely available and every household started owning cars.

The fact that no previous generation until the 20th Century had access to sedentary hobbies like watching TV proves this.

People were literally moving all day long until bed a 100 years prior to this.

Our modern day technology has made sure that most of us remain stuck to the couch and the comforts of our homes nowadays.

We don’t really get out at all anymore besides taking the car or public transport to our jobs.

This has created generations of fat slobs and emasculated pigs.

Most men look like hogs nowadays and are only fit to roll down in the mud.

This is caused by their own laziness and insatiable sloth.

Walking burns off insane amounts of calories


Every man should be lean and mean.

If you can’t stop eating then you should become a walking machine.

An hour worth of brisk walking consumes approximately 500 calories, which is an insane amount.

Consider the fact that a man can consume 2500 calories a day in order to maintain his present-body mass.

When you consume less than 2500 a day you’ll lose water weight and eventually burn fat.

Just an hour worth of walking which is approximately 10.000 steps can easily put you into a calorie deficit.

You can consume the same amount of food and just add an hour worth of walking and you’ll already lose some weight, each and every single day.

Just add in an hour worth of walking after your dinner each night and see the excess fat melt of your body within a week.

All it takes to lose weight is a simple change of basic habits.

Instead of crashing down on the couch while watching TV, you should go for a walk first.

The TV will still be there when you return.

Instead of watching three hours of TV a night, you’ll watch two hours and lose an hour worth of weight.

Walking strengthens your body

It won’t turn you into a bodybuilder but it will strengthen and fortify you.

You’ll already literally feel better after just 3 days of walking 10.000 steps.

The extra amount of steps you’re taking on a daily basis will accumulate into better health and greater energy levels throughout your body.

It won’t take really long before you notice either, because the results of walking can be felt immediately.

After a long walk it doesn’t feel like you’ve used energy, it actually feels like you’ve gained some more.

After a walk you’re very motivated, refreshed and invigorated.

You have the urge to keep on practicing better habits, you’ll probably avoid any junk foods because it seems counter-intuitive to eat unhealthy after having moved your body for so long.

Walking also strengthens the bones and prevents the deterioration of your bones during older age.

Weak bones become a serious problem for most elders in Western society because we simply don’t walk and move enough.

Most elders in the West have lived very sedentary lifestyles and are therefore prone to many diseases and ailments of the body.

You do not want this for yourself, trust me.

Start walking now and thank me later.

Walking cures anxiety and depression

Man is an animal and animals unlike vegetation are meant to move.

The difference is in the words themselves.

Vegetation, Vegetables, Vegetarian or Vegetative all share their roots with the verb “vegetate” meaning: ‘live or spend a period of time in a dull, inactive, unchallenging way.’

Meanwhile the word animal comes from the Latin “anima” meaning ‘having a breath, soul or spirit’.

It refers to the moving and living nature of animals and therefore man as well.

It refers to our dynamic nature which results in constant change from one location to another.

Our dynamic nature has made it so that we become depressed of stagnation and a sedentary lifestyle.

During moments of continuous movement it is hard to be depressed, anxious or worried about anything.

This is because we are meant to move and take action continuously except when we sleep.

During all waking hours it is of utmost importance to keep moving, walking and working.

This is the magic anti-depression pill of nature.

It is very hard to be depressed or anxious when you actually got shit to take care of.

Well walking is like a real life signal towards your brain that you got shit to do.

It is like Marcus Aurelius said:

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Walking inspires creativity

Creativity is one of man’s best powers.

To invent things that do not exist yet and to create or recreate things is man’s best friend.

Creation keeps men from stagnation.

To be able to create things is what keeps a man going in life.

The invention of new things is man’s greatest joy next to having a great wife.

Sometimes however every man that is pursuing creative endeavors gets stuck and ends up in a rut.

It is hard to break through situations like this and often times we end up doing things we don’t really should be doing.

We procrastinate, we overeat, we use drugs or alcohol and some of us even use sex or masturbation just to get through that creative barrier in our minds.

However these things are completely unnecessary.

If you are a man with a creative mission like for example you’re an artist, entrepreneur or a musician.

Then the next time remember my words and raise yourself up from perdition.

Put on your shoes, your coat and head outside to open up your creative mind for a new vision.


The moral of the story is that sometimes improving our lives doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Physical fitness and excessive energy is yours for the taking just by taking a walk.

Being free of anxiety and depression can be cured if you just head outside instead of always entertaining your own negative mental talk.

All the world’s creative ideas can be yours if you just walk the walk.


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