100 Push Ups a day keeps the weakness away

Health is wealth.

And what a simple acquired wealth it is, this thing called health.

Being healthy should be the default and generic state for any human being.

The modern English word health comes from the Old English hælþ which literally means “being whole”.

Health is literally your normal state of being.

Why is it so difficult then to be healthy in our present day society?

Does it mean that the common person is not normal anymore?

It kind of does.

Being fat is not normal for human beings.

Being weak is not normal for human beings.

Being depressed is not normal for human beings.

These are all results from an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of physical exercise and bad diets.

In addition to that it is the doctors that give their patients bad advice for monetary purposes.

All odds towards being healthy in Western Society are stacked against you.

It is more likely that you (the reader) are an unhealthy person instead of a healthy one.

Which is absurd but at the same time the stone cold reality we live in.

We are surrounded by processed foods that demoralize the alpha male nature, intoxicants that destroy our minds, foul entertainment that makes our desires rage at unnatural levels and addictive poison we call medicine.

The road to health however is so simple that it is always overlooked.

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to stay fit.

There is a way to stay fit at home between your busy daily schedule.

Push ups do not require much time.

Doing a 100 push ups will cost you only a maximum of 5 minutes a day depending on your strength level.

I can do a 100 push ups in 3 minutes.

I don’t even do them all at once.

You don’t have to.

I do 100 push ups a day most of the time in 5 sets of 20.

Do you realize how easy this is.

When was the last time you did a 100 push ups?

If you start doing this every day then your body will become strong, fit, supple and resistant within no time.

You’ll literally feel the change especially if you are a non-active person.

If you’re a person that works in a office for 8 hours a day and never really exercises anymore, then you need to start doing this right now.

Do the 100 push ups a day in whatever way you want.

Just do them.

You have the time for it and there are no excuses to be found.

Health is wealth.

If you are spending 40 hours a week in an office building trying to make wealth then you can also spend 5 minutes a day doing 100 push ups.

Do that every day and that is 700 push ups a week.

That is 21.000 push ups a month and 252.000 a year.

Can you imagine that?

Having done 252.000 push ups within a year from now…

Believe me when I tell you that you’ll be a totally different person physically, mentally and spiritually after such a feat.

People won’t recognize you anymore in that rock hard body filled with strength, vigor and vitality.

And it is so simple to do but all that takes is persistence.

Just do the push ups every day.

When you wake up, drink a glass of water and do 20 push ups.

After you took your shower and had your morning coffee, you’ll do another 20.

Even when you’re at the office and you’ll find some alone time, you should use that time to get at least 10 push ups going.

Exercising the body invigorates the mind and gets the creative thinking processes going.

You’ll notice.

I once did a push ups challenge at work before, surrounded by 8 colleagues who were encouraging me.

No big deal, don’t be ashamed.

Just get the push ups going.

When you’re at home from work, you’ll do another 20 immediately.

This will stimulate your appetite as well.

After dinner you’ll do another 20 push ups.

Before bed you do 10 and that’s it.

You just did 100 push ups today, congratulations!

Do that every day and see yourself becoming the embodiment of a living Greek god.

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Ashwin Orie

Student of the Ancient Mysteries.

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