The Media is your #1 ENEMY

Why you should stop following the media

Conspiracy theories have been circulating the internet since its conception. It wasn’t long after 9-11 that I started to realize that it was a complete farce. It wasn’t long after 9-11 that I stopped believing in the Official News Media,… Continue Reading

The extraordinary benefits of waking up early

The benefits of waking up early

Aren’t you tired of sleeping all the time? I definitely know I am! To be honest I’ve been quit slacking on myself for a while now. I’ve been brushing a lot of great habits I used to have to the… Continue Reading

God’s Children

Who are the children of God

For this article we’re going to do something different. Most article’s I write, start off with me saying something shocking, the reader being repulsed by it and me for the rest of the article trying to convince the reader that… Continue Reading

You’ve been here before, many times.

Reincarnation and the Soul Ashwin Orie

Nature is a mystical thing. The mysteries that pervade our natural world are so strange and often times they’re impossible for us to wrap our heads around them. Why are we born in the places that we’re born in? Why… Continue Reading